Georgia UFO Sightings

January 13, 2012, 6:12 AM, Villa Rica - State Director R. Howard was emailed the following account and placed the sighting into CMS.  “I saw something this morning at 6:12 as I walked out to smoke, as I do every morning. . . I noticed a very bright white light coming from the south.  I thought it was an airplane but it was super white and had a kinda fuzziness to it.  I was thinking it was my eyes (but) it cleared up and got roundish-looking, and as it seemed to get closer it got dimmer and started going up quickly.  Less than 10 seconds later it was gone, just straight up at about a 70 degree angle.  I know what I saw and I know I'm not crazy or was seeing things.  If you have any info regarding other sightings this morning please let me know; I called Villa Rica police and they had no other calls of this nature.  I called them at 6:16 so (I know) the time is pretty dead on.”  The witness added that the light was “just a hair” smaller than a dime held at arms length.  FI D. Sparry is assigned the lead FI on this sighting, with SD/FI Howard as backup as necessary.

January 5, 2012, Pooler (near Savannah), 11:45 PM – While watching television at home, a Pooler resident noticed bright light coming through her closed window blinds.  Looking out, she states “I saw 3 bright white lights forming a perfect triangle with a dull red pulsating light in the center of the object. . . I had the mind set to grab my camera which has a video recorder, opened my back door and started shooting the video.”  The object itself was dark, seemed to be turning counter-clockwise, and was absolutely silent.  It moved slowly across the sky, along and above a nearby treeline, and eventually vanished from sight.  The 24-second video attached in CMS matches the witness’ description, and the audio track does not show the sound one might expect from a jet- or engine-powered aircraft.  Coastal Group ASD/FI D. Marchant is following up on this sighting.

January 4, 2012, approx. 2:45 AM, Jesup (Wayne County) – While watching a meteor shower during the early-morning hours, at their home, a couple in their 40s were stunned to see a large, dark, fast-moving triangle-shaped object coming directly towards them.  The low-flying object had no lights, but did have “white round shapes” at each point of the triangle.  As it approached them the witnesses considered explanations such as a meteor, a flock of birds, and others, but none fit what they were watching.  Moving from north and south, the silent object passed directly overhead and was lost to sight beyond the tall trees.  The witnesses estimate that at its closest, the triangle was less than 500 feet distant.  Coastal Group FI C. Muncie is investigating.

November 1, 2011, 3:30 AM, Loganville – A highly-unusual experience was reported by a Loganville resident, an account that involves no visual sighting but instead, strong auditory and sensory evidence of something in the sky above his residence.  “I was awakened to my room vibrating around 3 AM (that) morning.  I felt and heard this over my TV volume (which was set at) 20, on a 1-20 volume span.  I expected the sound to go away when I turned off my TV and computer, (but) instead it doubled in clarity.  I went outside at this point (...), and heard the most terrifying sound I have ever heard.  The duration was until I fell asleep sometime after 5:30 AM.  The sound was an oscillating hum, low in frequency, accompanied by the sound of mass air being moved, and a high pitch squeal that changed pitch in accordance with the hum.  The sounds sounded to be coming from every direction of the sky.  There was also an intermittent "jet engine" type sound, (…) like a jet coming towards you, but would stop after only two or so seconds.”  The witness notes his windows were closed the whole time.  He stayed up late the next few nights hoping to record the sound, but it has not reoccurred.  The witness concludes the account by stating, “This sound was extremely eerie, and left me feeling very stressed over the next few days.”  SD Howard will attempt to make contact with this witness.

October 29, 2011, 8:10 PM, Griffin – After dining at a local steakhouse a 37-year old man and his wife noticed what they first took to be look like a balloon floating through the sky.  They then noticed that the speed seemed wrong for a balloon and that its flight path was a perfect line, was too straight, too perfect for a balloon riding the wind.  It stopped abruptly and hovered in place for about 10 seconds, at which point the witness had to move his car since he was blocking traffic.  In the few seconds needed to park the car, the object left and was no longer visible.  “There were very few clouds that evening and it was still light enough for me to see for many miles,” the witness noted. The roundish, dull white object seemed to be on the order of 1 to 3 feet in size, and more than 500 feet away, although less than one mile away.  FI D. Sparry is assigned this sighting.

October 26, 2011, approx. 7:20 PM, near Coosa – A 47-year old engineer and his wife were traveling eastbound on GA Highway 20 about 7 miles west of Rome GA and about seven miles from the Alabama state line, in an area called the Narrows, where the Coosa River is not far from the road off to the right (south).  At just after sundown, they spotted something unusual overhead.  “We observed a large object traveling from southeast to northwest…(then) as it cleared the treetops on the right side of the road, we saw a smaller object behind it that looked more like a plane, and behind that, a larger object that looked more like the first.  The first and third objects had three lights on each side that were too far apart to be a plane and they didn't blink.  The lights on these larger objects seemed to be attached to the object by appendages instead of being directly on the object.”  Because of the almost-dark conditions, they could not clearly determine the shape of any of the objects.  The witnesses were struck by the low altitude, by their estimate less than twice that of the trees, and lack of any sound.  The objects crossed over the road ahead of them, estimated at less that 500 feet distant, and disappeared into the mountains off to their left (i.e. north; USGS topo map indicates these are Turnip, Simms, and Lavender Mountains).  FIs K. and R. Hunt are following up on this remarkable sighting.

October 7, 2011, 7:45 PM, Madison – A homemaker in her early 30s and her mother were driving home from a visit to her sister’s home.  When they came up to cross Brownwood Road the witness noticed something unusual in the sky.  A long oval or disc shape was visible at about 30 degrees above the horizon, with blue, green and white lights showing underneath.  The witnesses pulled off the road and watched the object for at least 5 to 10 minutes.  Size was estimated at between 100 and 300 feet long, at an altitude of less than 300 feet above ground, and less than 500 feet distant from them.  The movement was along straight lines, and very slow.  Eventually the object simply disappeared and was no longer seen.  FIT P. Johns is assigned to investigate this sighting.

September 28, 2011, approx. 7:30 PM, Dallas – A couple (40s) and their teenage daughter were driving home to Rockmart on Highway 278 when they spotted two stationary rectangular objects hanging motionless in an odd color cloud formation.  The objects were first seen, and remained, to the west, in their direction of travel.  The reporting witness (husband), who was not driving and thus was free to carefully observe the objects, first noticed a strange cloud formation after crossing GA Highway 92.  “A few miles later I noticed two glowing objects…one was rectangular with not-as-sharp geometry, (was) more in the cloud, and the other was smaller but its horizontal and vertical lines were perfect.  I began to watch the objects because of their shapes in the odd-colored cloud,” the witness said.  The objects seemed stationary and had no blinking lights.  When crossing GA Highway 120 the witness took one photograph (7:38 PM) with his cell phone.  After about 10 minutes the witness lost sight of the object after crossing GA Highway 61 due to his line of sight.  The cellphone photograph attached in CMS has the expected low resolution typical of such devices, but does show an unusual object against a sunset sky.  The witness pointed out an apparent sphere or point in the clouds.  Both witnesses have college degrees and are professionally employed. This impressive sighting is assigned to FIs K. and R. Hunt.

August 18, 2011, approx. 7:20 PM, North Georgia – A Brooklyn, NY resident, 34 years old and a bank examiner, observed three to four bright “lights” far down below his jetliner as the flight made its way from NY-La Guardia to Atlanta.  The witness is not a comfortable flyer, not able to relax or nap, and so tends to look out the window, which is why he noticed the objects.  At about 45 minutes before landing in Atlanta, with the plane at an estimated 38-40 thousand feet, he noticed three or four red, and later white, lights down below in the clouds, trailing or paralleling the jet.  From time to time they appeared to be in the clouds and thus briefly lost from view.  Encouraged by his seatmate who, he says, also saw the lights, the witness ‘”took out [his] camera and started shooting.”  Although small, and star-like in appearance and apparent size, the lights seemed very bright for their “pinpoint” size.  The lights were visible for about 5 minutes in total.  Three photos are attached to the CMS report, but the witness’ report suggests six photos were actually been taken.  The witness said he hopes he never sees such objects again, saying, “It’s hard enough just to get on the plane…I don’t need UFOs that close and interacting with it.”  SSD/FI M. Cadwell is assigned this sighting.

July 23, 2011, 6:05 PM, Columbus, Muscogee County – While inside his home, a 56 year old man saw something through his kitchen window that was glinting and reflecting sunlight as it moved in the sky.  Looking out, he observed “bright specks moving in a steady but peculiar formation.”  Taking a pair of binoculars and going outside for a better view, he saw 3 objects flying northeast, holding a triangular pattern.  The objects looked like skyhook weather balloons, which he believed are no longer in use (i.e. for meteorological research).  Witness estimates he had them in sight for about 8 minutes.  Appearing blue-white in color, the objects maintained an equal-distance-apart triangle as they gained altitude.  The maintaining of this pattern struck the witness as highly unusual.   Eventually he lost sight of the objects when they went behind a cloud.  The witness holds a masters’ degree and is familiar with aircraft, but says “the objects were not aircraft of any type I know of.”  FI Trainee P. Johns is following up this sighting, with assistance and oversight from SSD/FI M. Cadwell.

July 11, 2011, 1:16 PM, vicinity Calhoun, Gordon County - A MUFON Field Investigator was travelling northward on I-75 about halfway between Atlanta and Chattanooga, TN when he saw a white cigar-shaped object travelling at high rate of speed.  The witness is 54, employed in law enforcement, a licensed pilot, and an FI with MUFON’s Illinois chapter.  His estimate was that the object was about one-quarter mile in front of him, at an altitude of 2000 feet.  Its size was about 100-150 ft long and it had no markings, windows, wings, or tail, nor any trail behind it.  The ends were “rounded off,” and identical, with no tapering (such as an aircraft’s nose would have).  As a pilot the witness indicates familiarity with a range of aircraft types.  The “cigar” as wide as a penny held at arms’ length, suggesting appreciable size.  His viewing time was 3 to 5 seconds, during which the object moved very fast on a “straight trajectory” across the highway from his far right (north or east, judging by how I-75 is oriented), to his far left (south or west).  Witness felt that the speed “well exceeded the normal operating speeds of jet aircraft.”  It reminded him strongly of a ship-launched cruise missile such as those used in the Gulf War, cruising over the ground toward a target. Georgia MUFON regards this as a truly remarkable sighting by an excellent observer.  FI K. Hunt is assigned to investigate.

June 18, 2011, approx. 10:00 PM, Savannah - A Savannah resident, his son, and the son’s girlfriend were outside their home when they observed a “very orange” spherical object moving across the city skyline.  The son and girlfriend saw it first, then came and got the reporting witness.  “We observed a bright orange orb shaped object floating in the distance over the city…it was changing in color from orange to yellowish [to] orange again, and would appear to stop occasionally and then move again.”  The color and overall appearance reminded him of a sunset, but with a much smaller light.  Witness notes the movement was not a downward movement, but across, clearly a horizontal flight path. In his estimation, the light was much larger than a light one might see on an airplane.  No sound was heard and clear conditions prevailed, although he indicates a thunderstorm was brewing to the northeast sky.  Direction of travel was northeast towards the gathering storm, and eventually they could no longer see it.  Interestingly, the witness noted that the direction of view was in the same direction as Hunter Army Airfield.  “This was nothing like I have ever observed before,” the witness stated; “too weird and wonderful.”  Unfortunately no other details were provided in the report.  Coastal Area ASD/FI Dave Marchant will be following up this interesting sighting. [State Director Note- ASD Marchant and SD Howard are again struck by the prevalence of orange, yellow-orange, or red-orange balls of light in Georgia sightings in recent years, including near the coast.  Drones or other experimental military A/C must be considered here as well.]

June 18, 2011, 8:18 PM, Centerville, Gwinnett County – Driving home from work, a Snellville resident saw and photographed 4 star-like lights.  As she drove down Hightower Trail into Gwinnett County, near Centerville, she could see the sky just beginning to clear after some thunderstorms.  I noticed to my right were two "stars" and I realized it was awfully early to start seeing stars.  “You couldn't see the sky yet, just the clouds,” but these “stars” were in or in front of the clouds, she noted.  Upon rounding a corner where the road opens with a wide downward view, “a view of the horizon for several miles,” as she put it, she could now see 4 “stars” forming a gentle arc. Witness states, “I quickly picked up my camera and snapped a picture of the objects…the lights did not move nor blink, they were …exactly what a star in the night sky looks like.”  Her camera captured the time, and the photograph accompanying the report shows 4 apparent “stars” in a gentle arc, as described. The witness pulled over and watched the objects for about 5 minutes, but could not determine anything else about them. Continuing home, after just a few minutes and reaching the top of another hill she saw that the lights were gone, even though by their direction and position they should still have been visible. Unfortunately no other details were given, such as her direction of view.  SSD/FI M. Cadwell will be investigating.

May 26, 2011, approx. 10:00 PM, Chattahoochee Hills, Fulton County – This particular May evening featured strong thunderstorms that knocked out power at a couple’s home in the community of Chattahoochee Hills (extreme southwest Fulton County).  With no power after 5:30 PM, at about 10 PM the wife, the reporting witness, had decided to go cool off by sitting in their car’s air conditioning.  While listening to the radio, from the car window she observed a car pass by and was looking to see if they were stopping or slowing down.  Just after this, she saw a row of 4 or 5 lavender lights about 10 feet above the road slowly move along the road in front of their house.  “Our home is about 100 yards from the road but I could see the lights very clearly moving very slowly…I was not able to comprehend what they were and my mind was racing.”  The lights seemed smaller than one foot in size, and could have been as close as 100 feet from her.  To her astonishment, one light appeared to break off and slowly move down the driveway toward her.  Terrified, she exited the vehicle and got back inside the house quickly.  “I was in such terror I could only blubber out to my husband what I saw,” the witness stated.  She and her husband watched fireflies and he tried to reassure the witness that it must have been those, but she is confident otherwise.  She notes that the lavender color was wrong for fireflies, and the lights moved very slowly in a straight line.  After seeing another similar account in MUFON’s website she decided she had to report. SSD/FI M. Cadwell is assigned this sighting.

May 16, 2011, approx. 9:30 PM, Jasper, Pickens County – While potting flowers in her yard one Monday morning, a Jasper resident heard what sounded to her like a small ultra-light aircraft.  Having seen such aircraft in the area and being familiar with them, she started looking for it, but saw instead what seemed to be “another kind of craft” approaching from the south.  It seemed very slow, and low, to her, coming across barely above a tree line.  In addition to the slowness, the sound it was making seemed too loud.  “It was smaller than a small plane, with swept back wings making it look more like a triangle but with prominent tail and nose…it looked metallic silver with patterns like jointed plates together, it was that low…the nose is what was so different, it had a projection with a fairly wide cross piece making it look similar to a cross.”  The witness and her husband watched the craft for about three minutes until it moved out of sight.  They considered the idea of a military “drone-type aircraft but felt the slowness and loudness were not a good fit for a drone.  “I don't know what I saw but it was unusual for anything around here especially in the daytime,” the witness states.  SSD/FI M. Cadwell is following up on this sighting.

Apr. 29, 2011, approx. 10:05 PM, Blackshear, Pierce County – A college grad and his fiancée, both in their mid-30s, were driving through Blackshear when they saw two bright flashes similar in brightness to lightning.  Right after this they saw a light green, oval-shaped object with orange flames coming from the back of it “moving through the sky west to east and making no sound…it seemed to be losing altitude but was not moving at an extreme rate of speed like a meteor.”  Their view of the object was obscured by a tree line after about 3 to 5 seconds.  After getting onto US Hwy 84 headed towards Waycross, witness continues, “we caught sight of an extremely bright orange-ish light in the Eastern sky in the same approximate area of the previous burning object…it floated in the sky moving slightly from side to side before fading from view after a few minutes.”  The witness reported that this second light or object had a large angular size, that it would take a 50-cent piece held at arms length to cover the object.  They also observed this second light much longer, for 4 to 5 minutes.  Both sightings involved fairly low angles of view (less than 30 degrees), so that the lights/objects were easily visible through the car windshield and windows. ASD D. Marchant, possibly assisted by a coastal-group FI, will be investigating this double sighting.

Apr. 6, 2011, 10:25 AM, Ashburn, Turner County – A male resident of Turner County observed a bright, reflective silver oval object with a black trim or line through middle.  The object, estimated to be less than 1 mile distant, was slow-moving with a “rotating wobble,” and had an angular or apparent size similar to an aspirin tablet held at arms’ length.  After about 2 minutes the object accelerated away quickly to the west.  No sound was heard at any time.  This sighting took place in clear, sunny conditions. SSD/FI M. Cadwell is investigating this case.

Feb. 14, 2011, and original CMS Report event date Jan. 14, 2011, approx. 1:00 AM morning, Lithonia (metro Atlanta) – Bright balls of light that appeared to change sizes and interact with a family are reported from a home in Lithonia.  The reporting witness, brother of the homeowner, reports that his sister, father and stepmother have witnessed the ongoing encounters and that his sister has recorded more than 45 minutes of videotape and numerous digital photos of the phenomena.  The reported events of January 14 lasted at least one hour.  According to the witness, his sister “toyed with” one of the glowing balls of light “until it got too close for comfort;” and at another point she felt that the ball “was scanning” her.  An additional set of sightings accompanied by additional collection of video and photo evidence occurred on February 14th.  SSD/FI M. Cadwell is assigned this remarkable sighting.

Jan. 1, 2011, morning, Augusta – A 38-year-old technician and his wife were driving eastward on I-20 heading towards Aiken SC.  As they approached the Savannah River bridge the wife spotted off to their right, about 30 degrees above the horizon, what appeared to be bright orange-colored flares.  The witness stopped his car and got out for a better look.  He quickly noticed they weren’t falling downward as flares would, but just floating in a cluster, at an estimated “few thousand feet” above ground.  There appeared to be between 6 and 10 of the spheres.  After this the glowing, pulsating balls moved “into a formation” and began moving off, one by one and slowly, in a northward direction along the river, until they could no longer be seen.  The entire event lasted just a few minutes.  The witness noted a heavy cloud cover that suggested the lights or objects were not that high up.  No sound was heard at any time, with much of the sighting made from outside the car.  The witness states he reported the sighting to a news organization (TV or newspaper) and was advised others had also reported in.  ASD/FI D. Marchant and SD/FI R. Howard are following up on this sighting.

December 22, 2010, approx. 6:30 PM, Rome – At about dusk on this crystal-clear Wednesday evening, a Rome resident had stepped out for a smoke when he glanced up to take in a view of the stars. Directly above his home at an estimated two- to three-thousand feet height he observed an extremely large, dark rectangular-shaped object.  It was moving from east towards the west.  The outline was dimly visible because of the four corners being lit by single, bright lights.  As a means to describe the astonishing width and length of the object, the witness compared it to “a half-a-dozen battleship carriers…side by side and twice that many in length.”  The witness was stuck by the complete lack of sound.  A camera was available inside and the witness considered going for it, but feared the object would be gone upon his return.  After about one and one-half minutes the object, continuing towards the west, passed out of sight.  The witness noted that the flight course should have taken it close to the city of Rome.  FIT R. Hunt and FI K. Hunt are following up on this sighting report.

Nov. 28, 2010, approx. 12:30 AM, Conyers - An unusual lighted object caught the attention of a woman driving southward along Salem Road from Interstate 20 towards Brown Bridge Road.  “It was too big to be a plane, the shape was different and the lighting was solid,” she says.  In shape it resembled a blimp, but also “almost like a domed serving platter.”  At first it appeared to be hovering but soon seemed to be moving off towards the west.  It was in sight three minutes in all.  After losing sight of it due to trees and distance, she turned onto Brown Bridge Road heading towards McDonough, and again caught site of the object, but it was moving away and trees were blocking her view.  The witness thought about the possibility that it was just a blimp, but the time involved, and the appearance of it, made the appearance undeniably “abnormal” (witness’ term).  At arm’s length, the witness estimates the apparent size as equal to an aspirin tablet, indicating a sizable (not star-like) object.  “I know that I saw something other than an ordinary aircraft,” was the witness’ summation of this event.  FI D. Sparry has followed up on this case.  [NOTE – A light or object of very similar description was seen about 45 minutes or so earlier earlier from a location near Madison, east of this sighting location.  See case below.]

Nov. 27, 2010, 11:45 PM, Madison – A group of adults (nine in all) were at a home located outside Madison, GA, for dinner and afterwards to watch a football game.  Before leaving the 9 were standing outside talking and getting ready to leave.  The owner of the house noticed an extremely bright light in the sky (Quoting) “just above the treeline that, at first, seemed stationary at an approximate distance of one to two miles (best estimate).”  At arm’s length, the light was the size of an aspirin tablet or about 1/4-inch.  Quoting from this well-written and thorough report, “the light began to move slowly, at times [coming] closer but moving on a northwesterly course.  We observed the object for approximately 15 minutes before it disappeared behind the far treeline.  It was clearly not an airplane or helicopter, but we thought it might be a blimp.  However, there were no collision lights visible on the object, only bright whitish-blue lights covering what appeared to be the length of the object.  The object seemed to glow.”  When viewed through binoculars, the object appeared to have a dome-like structure on the top and a glowing ring encircling the bottom.  No sound was heard at any time.  The witnesses’ overwhelming reaction was astonishment; a blimp was considered, but the unusual appearance and lack of aviation lighting (no red, no green) made that idea seem inadequate.  The witness wrote that at 12:01 AM a friend in Monroe, GA, approximately 15 miles to the northwest, sent a text message saying “that she had just seen the same object pass overhead…her description of the object was similar to our observation, an oval object with what appeared to be a ring around it moving slowly with bright lights covering it.”  FI D. Sparry is assigned this remarkable sighting and the possibly-related one above.

Nov. 17, 2010, 5:30 PM, Cartersville – A 68-year-old retired US Navy veteran observed a small, fast-moving, black, cylinder-shaped object.  The witness was sitting on the lower portion of the steps of his back porch when he heard a loud shrieking sound (“like a projectile, incoming sound”) coming from the other side of his house (from his front yard towards his backyard), at which time he stood up and saw a small black object rapidly pass him.  He described the object as a small black cylinder, 4 to 6 inches across, with two small white eyes or lights on the front, with no visible wings. Other than the shrieking sound at the start, no sound was heard.  As he observed the object passed by him rapidly maintaining a level flight attitude, heading toward a tree about 25 feet away; after circling it, the object appeared to slow down and change shape.  The cylinder shape changed to a flat Frisbee-like shape and began to emit some type of pulsating sparks as it glided further down into the woods and backyards of the neighboring homes.  “The thing maneuvered around the trees and brush with no problem as if it was being steered,” the witness noted.  It also stayed level, even though the backyard drops away fairly steeply.  The entire event happened rapidly over a duration of only 3-5 seconds.  In view of the witness’ closeness to the object and his ex-military background as a careful observer, this is quite a strange and remarkable sighting.  FIT K. Hunt is working with SD/FI Howard to investigate.

Oct. 23, 2010, 11:25 AM, Cumming – A couple in their 30s were driving southward on Highway 141W (Peachtree Parkway) headed for an appointment to have their baby daughter’s hair cut.  Since this was the first time, they had a digital camera with them and ready for use.  From the passenger seat, the wife said she was seeing something in the sky she could not identify.  The reporting witness (the husband) managed to look out her side window and was astonished at the sight.  “It was silver in color…at times it looked cigar shaped but the more we looked at it, it appeared more of a disk.  I would say it was about the same altitude as a low flying plane…the object was not really moving, it appeared stationary, and it was not an airplane, helicopter, bi-plane, weather-balloon, flare or anything else of the sort.”  The wife grabbed the digital camera and took a shot over her shoulder.  Seeing that it was blurry, the husband advised setting the zoom as far as it would go and trying again.  This she did, and a clear photograph was recorded (attached in CMS) showing a whitish, elongated or flattened object.  In just a few seconds the object had moved quickly out of sight.  After perhaps 25 minutes at the hairdresser, the family was proceeding back home, this time northwards but on the same road.  To their amazement, upon looking actively for the object, they spotted it again, in the same general area, moving northward (as they also were) at a slow but steady speed.  The witness immediately pulled over into a parking lot so that they could observe further.  As he was entering the lot and parking the car they could both see the object directly ahead of them, moving relatively slow.  After about 10 seconds to turn the car 180 to a parked position and after they both exited the car, the object was seen to have rapidly moved nearly out of sight at the far horizon.  Having better distance vision, his wife was able to see it at distance before it disappeared for good.  SD/FI Ralph Howard and ASD MC Ausmus are investigating this remarkable sighting and the photographs.

Oct. 19, 2010, 9:30 PM and 10:15 PM, Conyers – A 28-year-old college graduate and her friend, a schoolteacher, were in a car near their apartment complex, about to leave the complex, when they both saw a lighted, circular, round- shaped object in the sky, at a high angle overhead.  It had “tons” of multi-colored lights at the base of the object.  “[We] could see the object as clear as day!,” the witness states.  A reflection of silver or metal was visible from the object.  It seemed like a blimp in size, perhaps 300 feet long.  “It was not an airplane, helicopter or any other flying vehicle that I ever saw,” the reporting witness wrote.  Both women were astonished.  As they drove away from the complex, the object “took off” and they lost sight of it.  However, at the intersection of Dogwood Drive and McDonough Drive they again saw it above some business complexes near a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  The continued to watch it and it was soon lost from sight in the darkness and clouds.  In all, the two estimate they watched it for 25-30 minutes.  “I believe that we saw a real UFO,” the reporting witness wrote.  “I cannot explain it.”  SSD/FI M. Cadwell is assigned this case.

October 1, 2010, 9:30 PM, Flowery Branch – A male resident was having a cigarette on his front porch with his wife present, when he noticed to the south or SE, a red or orange glowing light that looked odd.  After pointing it out to his wife they further noticed that it didn't appear to have any of the small, flashing lights typical of small planes or helicopters.  The movement was steady, on a level course, but too slow for planes or helicopters.  The light began to glow brighter and they called for their son to come out; he arrived just in time to see it dim and go out.  After a moment it reappeared, or “came back on.”  Dim at first, it soon returned to its original brightness and travelled on at the same speed and in the same direction it had previously.  The witnesses were unable to make any estimate as to distance or size.  After a moment the light became obscured by trees and could not be seen.  The entire sighting lasted for about a minute and a half.  The witness searched for a mundane explanation before reporting, but found none.  “It was an ‘object’, it was ‘flying’ and I don't know what was,” he stated.  SSD/FI M. Cadwell is following up on this sighting.

September 19, 2010, approx. 8:20 PM, Evans (near Augusta) – A 16-year old at home stepped outside while doing chores and observed a very bright orange "star" in the sky.  At first assuming this was Polaris, the North Star, he then realized the position was wrong, confirming this by checking with a compass.  The witness got his father (42) and they agreed it was unusual, but nothing more.  However, the “star” then began moving.  First, it moved right (eastward) and then appeared to be descending.  Father, son (witness) and an 8-year-old sister then jumped into the family’s truck and soon came to a position where they could get a clear view.  Excitedly, they set up an inexpensive telescope they had brought, right on the truck.  As the light continued descending, through the telescope they could see what appeared to be three colors to it, red, white, and green, although they realized that was likely due to the telescope lens.  At its lowest, the bright orange light appeared to be about the size of a pea (1/4-inch) held at arms length.  As it continued moving lower, the witnesses got back in their truck and followed the light to a nearby intersection, looking for the ground location where they thought it would be.  However, they could not locate it.  Just as they were leaving the scene, two helicopters flying very close together flew over them and then flew on to what seemed to be their previous location, where they originally spotted the light.  One ‘copter headed off towards Fort Gordon and the other made multiple passes over the area.  “Both seemed to be scanning, searching,” the witness notes.  The witness estimates the group made at least 15 full minutes of observations.  ASD/FI Marchant is assigned the case.

September 12, 2010, 10:05 PM, Canton (Cherokee County) – A strange-looking pulsating light was seen in the western sky on this evening by a retiree, his wife and his daughter.  The witness, a MUFON Georgia FI Trainee, sighted the light as he went out to his back deck.  The light was at an elevation of about 35 degrees above the horizon, and an estimated 12 miles distant.  (While this is a best-judgement estimate only, it should be noted that the witness has extensive background in both civilian and military aviation.)  Watching a few moments, he noticed that it didn’t seem to move, and then noticed a commercial jetliner between his position and the object, the jet appearing to be slightly higher.  After grabbing a pair of binoculars and telling his wife and daughter what he was seeing, he continued observing while they went to get cameras.  A bright white light was visible, with colored lights (red, blue, green, orange) flickering all around it, as well as a separate red “orb” slightly smaller then the white light, positioned at about 5’oclock from the main light.  This orb moved in a clockwise to counterclockwise motion, several times, and then it blinked out.  Making a careful measurement of an apparent (at-arms-length) size, the witness determined it was about 0.3 cm in diameter.  Again based on his background and experience, the witness estimated an altitude of about 15,000 or more feet for the light/object.  While the actual size was of course unknown, his sense of it was that it was something like a Boeing 737 in size.  Digital video footage was taken by the witness’ daughter, which shows, over time, several jets flying by this stationary object.  Various of these appeared to be above, below and between, their position and the object.  If I was to guess the size, I would say the same as a 737.  The three witnesses continued to watch for about 40 minutes after which it seemed to move down beyond a tree line.  SD/FI Howard is investigating, assisted by the FI Trainee, who was one of the three witnesses.

August 16, 2010, about 12 noon, Helen (White County) – While window-shopping alone, a 68-year old Florida man noticed a “strange-looking bubble” move past him and stop.  It was about 4 feet off the ground and one inch in diameter.  At first the witness looked around expecting to see a child making bubbles with soap-solution.  No one else was within 50 feet.  Looking closely at the “bubble,” now 2 feet from him and still stationary, he realized it was really nothing like a kids’ bubble, although the size was within the range of what one might be.  It appeared to be generally clear but with something dark inside of it to the lower right side.  Around the outside there was a wispy, undulating haze that extended out about one to two inches all around.  As the witness watched, it started to disappear and then quickly re-appear. The best description of this would be similar to what was seen in “Predator,” where the unseen being could only be observed by its vibrations when it moved.  The witness leaned forward to try for a closer look; the bubble then moved about 6 inches away and stopped, and began to appear to shimmer out of focus and disappear.  Without moving, but only squinting his eyes, his vision sharpened and he could see it.  The witness took a small step toward it and again it moved another 6 inches away, stopped and began dissipating again.  He then found that somehow, moving his head left or right allowed him to see its shape and details, and if not done, he would lose sight of it.  At this point the witness felt sure that some kind of intelligent control was at work.  After getting it back in full focus, he decided to try to catch it.  The witness cupped my hands and extended his arms until they were just under it and slowly brought them up to a point just a few inches under it.  The bubble then moved slightly upwards and either shot out of sight or just disappeared.  In total, the witness had the bubble in sight (with difficulty, as described) for about one minute.  The witness stayed in place for another minute but did not see it again.  The witness states, “I am 68 years old, don't drink, or take drugs, have very good eyesight and am not prone to hallucinations...has this type of thing been reported before?”  This sighting was reported directly to MUFON national headquarters.  SD/FI Howard is following up on this report.

July 9, 9:30 PM, Lawrenceville – A 19-year-old resident reports that he and his parents witnessed two football-field-sized, triangle-shaped UFOs.  He reports that while driving to a grocery store he suddenly caught sight of 4 bright white lights that aligned into the shape of a triangle.  A gray or black triangle could be seen, not just lights.  The object was silent and by his at-arms-length estimate (“football”), very large, on the order of 100 to 300 feet long.  After he lost sight of it he parked and, looking back where the first one had been seen, then saw another identical one, same size, speed and direction of travel.  ”You could easily tell it wasn’t a plane, because unlike a plane it didn’t make noise, didn’t have any blinking lights, [had] only solid bright lights.”  The witness is clear that his parents, in their early 50s, also saw the triangles.  This sighting is assigned to SSD/FI M. Cadwell.

July 4, 10:30 PM, Hoschton – A family of three was returning to their home in Hoschton after enjoying the Fourth of July fireworks at The Mall of Georgia.  Driving east on Hwy 124, approaching a grocery store and the intersection with GA Hwy 332, the reporting witness’ husband noticed something ahead and off to his right, above some warehouses along the road they were approaching.  It looked like a small, reddish/whitish balloon, and seemed to be stationary.  The light or object then began to move towards them, towards their left (north) and perpendicular to their easterly direction of travel as they approached Hwy 332.  They turned left onto 332 and then immediately right, into a parking lot, to better view the light as it approached.  “It seemed to start off slowly because we had time to stop at the stop sign, turn, and turn into the CVS and park,” the witness stated.  The witness and her 12-year-old son both had video-capable cell phones, and quickly got them out and opened.  Her account is very well written and for simplicity, will be quoted extensively here.  “My son and I […] video taped it, moving toward us, over us at a steady pace and level, and finally started to disappear over the treetops…about the time I closed my phone, my husband says “Here comes another one!  I turned immediately and started to video tape the second one as I told my son of the second one.  He finished taping the first and turned to the second.  When I turned to the second one, it was just about the same place that we had first seen the original one.  The second one also moved at a steady and level rate following in what we believed to be the same exact path as the first.  If I had to guess, I would say maybe 35-40 MPH.  As the second one moved over us, I steadily held my phone up and moved it at a slow rate above me.  […] Both objects were the same size, possibly the size of a hippity-hop bouncy-toy or the size of an extra-large kick ball.  […] it still seemed like this round red balloon but it had fire under it (or on the bottom), or it was just a round flame.  A small fireball traveling across the sky.  In discussing later, my son and husband thought it only looked like a fireball though.  They did not get the impression of the balloon with the fire at the base like I did.  [….] The flame was very steady, and neither object made a noise.  They were silent, absolutely NO sound whatsoever.  They seemed to travel fairly close to the ground, very level, […] very steady.  They seemed to be lower than the small air planes that land at our small-town airport.”  The witness attached two cellphone video files to the CMS report, and later in July provided three more videos from the son’s phone.  The video file time-stamps and the time the ‘fireball” is visible in each video, indicate it took about 2 to 3 minutes for each of the two fireballs to come across and over the witnesses, as they describe.  “I am 45 and have never in my life [seen] something so amazing that I could not come up SOME type of explanation,” the witness wrote.  Weather conditions have been checked and included clear conditions with calm winds and no thunderstorms in the area.  SD/FI R. Howard is investigating this sighting, assisted by Consulting ASD M. Ausmus.  NOTE: Nationally, MUFON received dozens if not hundreds of reports from the evening of July 4th. YouTube has a number of impressive videos posted that look very similar to the astonishing two fireballs seen and videotaped by this family on July 4th.

June 12, 10:45 PM, Thomaston – A retiree in Thomaston (Upson County) was enjoying the night sky in his back yard, facing into the western sky.  The sky was fairly clear with a few scattered clouds.  At 10:45, a very bright, white bright sphere appeared to his left, in the southern sky, at about 45 degrees above the horizon. His attention was grabbed by the brightness of the light and the tremendous speed with which it was moving.  At arms length, the sphere was the size of a US quarter dollar.  There was absolutely no noise, and it moved in a straight-line path.  The witness felt that the light was well below the cloud cover, and less than 500 feet above the ground.  The witness estimates it took only three full seconds to cross the entire sky south to north, and he watched it carefully the entire time.  The light did not pass directly overhead, but at the midpoint of its path was due west of him at 30 degrees above the horizon.  The witness, 77, is a retired plumber and former US Navy seaman, and indicates he is familiar with aircraft and the normal features of the night sky.  SD/FI R. Howard is investigating this case.

June 10, approx. 8:00 PM, Villa Rica – A witness who lives near Villa Rica in Carroll County had taken her puppy outside for his nightly business when a large, pulsating white spherical light caught her attention.  Thinking it was an airplane, she observed more closely and saw that there were no wings and no aviation (red, green) lights planes normally have.  The light seemed too low to be a plane, and the shape was an unmistakable: a perfect sphere.  The witness had her husband come out to see this and they considered the idea that it was a helicopter, but there was no sound as there should’ve been.  The object was “pulsing,” from a very intense white, then down to almost not visible.  The witness continues, “It continued moving southwest very slow and the pulsing was continuous…I noticed a smaller light hovering underneath that didn't appear to be attached.”  After a flight-path turn and hovering over an area off to her left, it was lost from sight (exactly how is unclear, but it did not land).  “We were constantly moving to maintain a clear view and there is no way this was explainable…the light underneath never moved, it was with the object the whole time.  Sadly my phone was in the house and I didn't want to take my eyes off it, not sure if I could believe what I was seeing,” the witness says.  SSD/FI M. Cadwell is assigned this case.

June 9, 8:45 PM, Atlanta – While riding in a car heading north from downtown on Peachtree Street, onto I-75/85 North, in Atlanta, very close to where 75 and 85 split forming a “Y,” a 35-year old real estate professional saw above to her right at a high angle, a gray circular object with a ring of 8-10 brilliant white lights beneath it hovering in one spot.  The lights initially attracted her attention.  “It was not dark yet so it was clearly visible,” she states, adding that it seemed to be “metal” and was about 200 feet above the ground, like the height of a 4-5 story building.  Viewed at arms length, the witness estimated it would take a baseball to cover the object; her size estimate was “11-30 feet.”  Given their speed of travel (ca. 60 mph), they were unable to pull to further study the object.  Her companion did not see it due to the high angle of almost 90 degrees, and his position to her left driving the car.  “I noticed it was odd because it was not attached to any poles or towers...I thought at first maybe they were lights from a tower, however when I focused on it again, I clearly saw that it was not.”  The object seemed to pulsate, with the lights moving inward and outward slightly relative to their circular arrangement.  Since there was no easy way to get back to where they had seen it, they chose to go on to their destination.  “I didn’t want to take my eyes off of it,” the witness wrote.  SD/FI Howard is investigating this case.

May 31, again July 14, July 23, evenings, Hinesville - A 26-year old US military serviceman and his wife (30) have been observing since January 2010, amber-colored spherical objects and lights moving in the sky near their home.  On a January evening, while sky watching and looking at the stars and planets, they observed a “star” that seemed stationary at first but soon appeared to be getting brighter.  The witness is quite familiar with the night sky but could not ID this particular one.  In any event, eventually it became much larger, with a spherical shape and an amber color, displaying constant brightness.  Here the witness went through the “escalation of hypotheses” typical of UFO sightings: could it be a helicopter; an airplane; and so on.  Their home is “next door” to Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field is not far away.  Being in the military and experienced with the night sky, the witness soon felt satisfied this was no ordinary, man-made object.  They noted “erratic” movements and estimated the size as “abut triple the size of any conventional aircraft,” on the order of 300+ feet across.  Compared to an object held at arms length, the light was the size of a golfball.  Witnesses also felt that it was closer than one mile distant.  Upon re-checking later, at 10 PM and 11 PM, they saw that the light still was present but was closer, and doing the same erratic movements.  No sound was heard.  To date, witnesses have submitted two still photographs and one 12-minute videoclip.  Both witnesses hold college degrees.  ASD/FI D. Marchant is investigating, assisted by SD Howard.

28 May, 9:15 PM, Grayson (Gwinnett County) - A 26 year old witness was driving home from a friend’s house along US 78 in Snellville/Grayson, making a left turn onto Grayson Parkway.  At that point she noticed about 15 to 20 glowing, bright-orange-colored lights, shaped like spheres, in a line above the trees to her right. Once at her house, she pulled into my driveway and ran to her backyard and could now only see about 4 or 5 of them.  “They had changed patterns…they were circling each other…They kept getting lower until it was almost like they disappeared.”  The lights, which were also pulsating, were seen for about 3 minutes from the backyard by the witness and her mother-in-law (age 57).  Distance from the witnesses was hard to judge.  The witness says she woke her husband up and they sat outside for a few hours hoping for a repeat performance, but the spheres did not return.  Georgia MUFON received an almost identical sighting report on February 13, 2010.  FI M. Cadwell is assigned this intriguing case.

22 May, approx. 3:40 PM, Marietta – A Saturday afternoon spent relaxing by a pool that had just opened for the summer, turned interesting for a Marietta resident on May 22nd.  After getting situated wearing polarized sunglasses and facing generally west for catching some rays, a flash of light caused him to open his eyes, as the sun came back out from behind some clouds.  Upon opening his eyes he noticed, at about 65 degrees up above the horizon, something very faint in the shape of a fuzzy square or rectangle, adding that it may’ve had a “nose.”  He heard no sound, although he describes a noisy environment, and whatever this was seemed pretty high up in the sky.  “What was interesting,” he says, “was that when I removed my shades it was gone completely...I lifted my shades several times in disbelief as I followed it, making it go away and bringing it back.”  Visible through his sunglasses, the object was gray, fuzzy, but with a better-defined, straight rear edge.  At arms length, it seemed about as wide as the thickness of a No. 2 pencil (6-8 mm), and about half that in the other dimension.  The object moved on a smooth steady course to the north, over a time period of about one to two minutes, leaving no contrail.  The witness, a former USAF member and the son of a test pilot, indicates had never seen anything unexplainable until this.  FI M. Moore is investigating.

11 May, 10:05 AM, Tifton - The witness was driving through Georgia on Interstate 75 near Tifton (Tift County), and stopped at exit 59 at a truck stop establishment.  While walking northwest towards the main building, a flash of light in the sky to the west attracted his attention.  At about 30 degrees elevation, he observed a “tumbling” silver object, reflecting the morning sun as it travelled on a steady course due north.  Due to the tumbling motion, the object appeared to give off random, irregular flashes of light. The witness estimated the object was the size of an aspirin tablet held at arms length, and at something like 4000 feet altitude. The object was visible between the flashes, but the witness was unable to determine a definite physical shape, adding that it could have been triangular.  After about 45 seconds the object turned to the NW and shortly thereafter went out of visual range.  FI M. Cadwell is following up on this sighting report.

8 May, approx. 4:00 PM, Tybee Island – While vacationing at Fort Pulaski on Tybee Island (near Savannah, Chatham County), a Hinesville resident reports that she found an unusual in a digital photograph she took on the afternoon of May 8th. The photograph was submitted via MUFON’s CMS and shows a rectangular or square-shaped object visible among the clouds.  The witness, 29, did not see anything in the camera’s field of view at the time, but found the object while reviewing her photos.  ASD D. Marchant, in charge of MUFONGA’s coastal group, is investigating this case, with the probable assistance of the SD and other chapter personnel.

29 April, 9:13 PM, Calhoun - The witness went outside to have a cigarette when a bright light caught his attention.  After watching for a moment, he called his daughter to witness what he was seeing because it seemed the light was coming closer to their house.  As it got brighter and closer, the daughter, 13, became alarmed as did the witness. As it passed overhead, the witness had the presence of mind to grab his cell phone and, over the next 2 minutes, managed to snap off four photographs.  There were two airplanes in somewhat close proximity, and the witness believes one or more may have seen the light. “I have a credible witness,” he says, “my 13-year-old daughter…she [was] scared [by] this incident.”  SD/FI R. Howard is investigating this sighting.

17 April, approx. 11:00 PM, Atlanta – A witness and her sister-in-law were driving southeast towards Atlanta on Interstate 85 approaching "Spaghetti Junction" (i.e., the cloverleaf junction of I-85 and I-285; 285 is Atlanta’s beltline highway).   The witness was driving at about 60 mph but was slowing, because she had noticed and was watching an unusual “airplane” moving across her field of view from right to left.  By the time she alerted her companion, the object was only 20-25 feet above the HOV lane ahead of them.  She had slowed down greatly, in the HOV lane to the far left, almost to the point of stopping.  Her sister-in-law then screamed “No that’s not a plane, oh my God!” and the object just sat there, appearing to sway back and forth.  It appeared round, steel-grey, had a dome on top, and had “multiple light bulbs underneath (at least 15-20)” that were very bright. The object tilted upwards slightly, then moved away very quickly, so fast that they could not say where it went.  Total time of the sighting, start to end, was estimated as three minutes.  SD/FI R. Howard is investigating this sighting.

14 April, approx. 10:30 PM, Wrens – A Madison County resident, 34, travels much of the east and southeast portion of Georgia in his routine as a delivery driver.  He states he has logged 9+ years delivery-driving at night. On this particular evening, he was a few miles outside of Wrens, GA (Jefferson Co.) when he noticed two bright lights off to his right, moving in his same direction of travel.  Thinking it was just a low flying military cargo plane, which he sees from time to time, he was surprised to see the lights fade out.  As he watched, now thoroughly engaged, he then realized that no sound could be heard as would be expected.  A few miles down the road he saw the same lights again, this time stationary over a very large field.  The witness pulled over and got out of his delivery van in order to watch them.  The lights seemed orange-ish part of the time, and white part of the time.  No sound was heard despite the vehicle being completely turned off.  After a moment, two more lights appeared, one to the left of the original two, and one to the right.  All remained stationary. After a few minutes all four faded out.  The witness resumed his route, driving towards Wrens, and saw two or sometimes just one of the lights reappear.  At one point one of the lights was seen directly over the town of Wrens, which faded, reappeared, then faded again.  Once on the other side of town and away from city lights he saw, very high in the sky, 10-12 lights together in a cluster, which appeared, flashed, and were gone.  The witness emphasized his familiarity with the area, and with all features of the night sky, and is adamant that none of those possibilities will work.  He has also revisited the field where he pulled over, and finds no rational explanation for what he saw.  FI M. Cadwell is following up on this well-reported sighting.

April 1, approx. 11:00 PM, Summerville – The witness was on his way to Rome when he noticed a green blinking light.  Since there was no traffic he could bring his car to a stop, and upon doing this he observed a large triangular craft about 100 feet long by 75 feet wide pass overhead.  Both sides of the road were lined with mature pine trees and his first thought was he was seeing a military cargo plane about to crash; however there was no noise, only a slight hum.  Looking out the open car window, witness states it was “so low I could see individual rivets or bolts in the metal.”  He noted one white light in the center of the craft lighting up the underside. He watched as the triangle crossed GA Highway 100 about 3-4 miles south of the Floyd county line, moving west to east, and then turned north, going up the valley.  “It was travelling extremely slow,” the witness said, “and I was amazed that it did not fall out of the sky.”  SSD/FI M. Cadwell is assigned this case.

29 March, approx. 8:40 PM, Rome – While driving towards Rome, a 24-year old woman was driving home from work when she observed, low (treetop level) and ahead of her, a bright light she first took to be a star.  Realizing it was too cloudy for that, she focused her attention on the light, which brightened, then “turned off.”  Immediately after that she could now see a red light on the left of an oval-shaped object, and a green light on the right side.  Knowing she was approaching a railroad crossing, she thought perhaps it might prove to be a train.  Instead, once at the crossing witness could see that whatever it was, it was the size of an automobile (an SUV), almost spherical, and was maybe 10 feet beyond the crossing and 30 feet up in the air.  By now she was thoroughly upset, “because I knew that what I was seeing wasn't right.”  Thinking quickly, the witness pulled into a school parking lot and pulled out her cell phone intending to get a photograph, but the object shot away quickly before she could get off a shot.  She then called her husband, extremely upset.  FI M. Cadwell is investigating this well-reported, and disturbing, close-encounter.

21 March, 8:40 PM, Macon – An amateur astronomer was headed outside from his house to set up his telescope and begin sky-watching together with a neighbor.  As he stepped out of his house the neighbor told him to “look up,” that a satellite was passing overhead.  However, the witness quickly concluded that it couldn’t be a satellite because it was too low.  The object seemed solid and was white, diamond-shaped, and had green “spikes” or protrusions, one each at the top, bottom, left and right sides.  It moved from the NNE, steadily and on a straight trajectory across the sky, disappearing to the SSE.  From the FI, the initial duration estimate is 3-5 minutes, and the size estimate is similar to a dime at arms length.  FI D. Sparry has been assigned this interesting and impressive case.

18 March, 10:40 PM – A Dunwoody resident and MUFON member reports that he and a friend were driving westbound on Johnson Ferry Road (Dekalb Co. metro Atlanta), not far from his home, when they both observed, ahead of them and low in the sky, an orange, crescent-shaped light or object.  They report about one minute’s duration of seeing this apparently motionless object.  After they lost sight of it once beyond the original sighting location, they drove around looking for another vantage point where they could see it again; but unfortunately, although they observed from several such high-ground places it could not be located again.  They did notice an emergency-airlift helicopter on top of one of the medical buildings, powering-down with rotors still turning as though from having just completed a medical airlift flight.  The witness estimates the object was the size of a penny at arms length, and that it was perhaps one to two miles distant.  It appears initially that the second witness, a licensed professional, has agreed to provide a written statement and sketch concerning the sighting, from his perspective.  SD/FI R. Howard is following up on this sighting.

6 March 2010, approx. 9:30 PM, Wildwood – A man reports that his wife was driving through Wildwood (Dade County) when she observed an orange orb shooting across the sky.  After just a few seconds, a smaller orb detached from the main one and travelled in the same direction before fading out of sight.  FIs M. and L. Moore are following up on this sighting.

6 March 2010, approx. 5:30 PM, Senoia – A resident stepped outside his home to call his oldest son home from a friend's house across the street.  From his driveway he noticed that his son, the son’s friend, and the friend's mother and father (4 witnesses in all) were all looking at the sky pointing at something.  The witness says he looked up and saw a ball of light silently and smoothly cruising from the east in a straight line.  It then slowly started turning north until it finally disappeared.  The sighting went for at least one minute, perhaps more, the witness says.  It was eventually lost from view behind some trees, but at great distance.  The witness considered and then dismissed the idea of a really bright aircraft at height; they live near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and are used to, and familiar with, the constant air traffic overhead in their neighborhood.  FI M. Cadwell is assigned this case.

21 February 2010, 4:30 PM, Cartersville – A professional chef was taking pictures of a jet contrail which had drawn his interest over the course of an hour, due to its persistence; it seemed like it should’ve dispersed away.  The direction of view was northeast and about 30 degrees above the horizon, seeming closer and lower than a standard passenger-jet contrail should to him. It was also a single contrail and not the usual dual (paired) contrail.  In reviewing his photograph he noticed five (5) bright round objects near the contrail. Not seeing them at the time, he only took one picture (photograph posted in CMS).  The witness says dogs in the nearby area “went nuts.”  SD R. Howard is investigating.

14 February 2010, 2:15 PM, Newnan – A 19-year was videotaping his sister’s batting practice at a baseball field.  Upon reviewing the footage he noticed a brownish-colored object that moves very fast left to right (west to east) above the field and out of view.  The witness submitted the video in CMS.  The portion where the object is visible lasts about 2-3 seconds; the object was first seen to the north, and last seen to the northeast.  FI D. Sparry is investigating, assisted by SD R. Howard.

13 February 2010, 10:30 PM, Gwinnett County – A witness was driving on Ronald Reagan Parkway near the Bethesda Park exit when (he/she) observed about 20 orange, translucent spheres through the trees.  The witness pulled over, off the road, and saw four other cars that also had pulled over.  The objects moved around in random patterns for a while; after that, they lined up single file in the air, and moved upwards disappearing into the same spot in the air.  While no duration was given, witness estimates they were 100-500 feet distant, visually larger than a baseball held at arms length, and between 4 and 10 feet across in size.  FI M. Cadwell is assigned the case.

28 January 2010, approx. 11:30 PM, Savannah – A woman reports that after leaving her house, her friend called her on the phone saying a UFO was moving around in the sky.  She then went outside and joined her friend to watch.  As she went out, a baby monitor in her robe pocket went off and had to be turned way down, an unusual event, she says.  The friend advised that one particular star had been moving around erratically, and shooting off beams of red and blue.  After some time, the witness herself also saw this.  The movement was circular, and the appearance was “as if it was shining blue and red flashlights while moving in circles…the lights only lasted a few seconds at a time and then would stop.”  The friend continued to watch for some two hours more, and told the witness that as many as five of the same objects were visible at times.  He eventually left due to feeling, the witness says, as though something was “about to get him” and that “they knew he was watching them and had taken notice of him.”  ASD/FI D. Marchant is working on this case.

19 January 2010, 3:23 AM, Marietta – Driving on Highway 92 and headed toward Woodstock, at a point just past Sandy Plains Road, a 26-year-old Woodstock resident saw a bright, shining white light about 100-150 yards distant and about the same distance above ground, above some trees, to his left.  “It was almost as bright as if someone were shining a flashlight directly into your eyes.”  The witness had to stop at a red light about 30 seconds later, and from there watched it for about 2 minutes before he needed to proceed on ahead.  The light did not move the entire time he sat at the stoplight, but then suddenly as he drove just past it, the light plummeted straight down directly towards the ground.  The witness stuck his head out of the window to listen for what he assumed would be a crash, but never heard one.  The witness wasn’t sure how or whether he should go looking for it, so he continued on home.  “I have never been so terrified by something that I could not explain in my life…I had no idea what I saw, but I'm not crazy, and I'm not a liar, and I know I saw something.”  The witness says his main fellings are “Fear and disbelief.”  SSD/FI S. Bass is assigned this case and is following up.

18 January 2010, 3:44 AM, Kennesaw – The witness, 18, was outside smoking a cigarette with friends, when one of them pointed out a distant, “neutral-white” object that had beams of red and blue shining out from it.  The main point of the witness account, however, was that he and 3 to 5 others have had multiple and ongoing sightings of UFOs and strange beings they believe are extraterrestrials.  “Things are going on here…we need someone to come look…into it deeper.”  Initial information (as of Jan. 24) was that this is a highly complicated group of sightings and events.  FI M. Cadwell is working this intriguing case.

18 January 2010, 12:40 PM, Atlanta – The witness, a journalist and parent of two, saw three separate objects above Freedom Parkway in Atlanta.  There was a clear blue sky, with no clouds or haze, making the objects easy to see, witness says.  The two smaller objects were shining white spheres, while the third object was larger and composed of two spheres end-to-end, like a “figure 8,” one red and the other white.  The witness judged their size as similar to that of a small aircraft and their altitude as about 1000 feet.  The objects moved in a triangle formation towards the east, at a high angle above the horizon (estimated 90 degrees), with the sun behind them. “They should have been backlit but were shining white and red as though they were internally illuminated,” the witness noted.  After a duration estimated as 5 minutes, the red and white object “blinked out of sight” as did one of the smaller white objects.  The other smaller object simply moved out of sight toward the horizon.  FI C. Schneider is investigating this case.

15 January 2010, approx. 8:15 PM, Brunswick – As he was walking his dog in front of his parent's house, a young man saw an orange light at distance, rising very slowly.  Through binoculars, the light seemed to be a triangle or possibly a "p" shape.  It also appeared to be moving erratically, with jerks to the right and left.  The witness’ brother says that this is the second time this UFO has been seen, because he saw it the night before.  FI B. Trainor in our Coastal section is following up on this sighting.

19 December 2009, 10:04 PM, Douglasville – A thirteen-year old girl and her brother saw “strange lights” in the sky and after observing more closely, they could see a dark triangle-shaped object, darker in color than the night sky (which had more of a purplish color).  The object had three yellow lights on the corners and one red light in the center, all on the bottom side.  It displayed both fast and slow movement, appearing to go below a tree-line, but then turned and moved back behind their house (distance unknown).  The report has very little in the way of details such as size, distance, or duration.  The kids’ mother verified the basic account to MUFON SIP dispatch.  SSD/FI S. Bass is looking into the report.

30 November 2009, 10:50 PM, Hahira – A male resident was driving home from work when he saw a lighted, diamond-shaped object coming towards his vehicle, a few hundred feet above the ground.  Trying to get a better look, witness stopped his car in the middle of the road, after which it passed over his vehicle and zigzagged slowly in the opposite direction.  It was very foggy at the time, however he could see the lights on the 4 corners.  ASD/FI R. Howard is trying to reach the witness to further investigate.

26 November 2009, 6:45 PM, Martinez – A 39-year old resident of Martinez was observing the Space Station fly over when, about two minutes afterwards, he and four others saw a silver round or spherical object moving quickly across the sky, stopping suddenly, then zipping back the other way.  The object appeared silver in color and star-like in size.  Eventually the object moved out of view to the west.  Witness was excited to have seen such a remarkable display, and wished he could have had a video camera with him.  ASD/FI D. Marchant is investigating.

13 November 2009, approx. 3:00 AM, Dade County – Standing on the ramp to their porch at their home, a couple in Rising Fawn was enjoying the dark night sky and stars before retiring for the evening.  In the northeastern sky they noticed two yellow star-sized lights fade into view and move slowly and steadily southward across the sky.  One light seemed to be slightly brighter than the other.  After about 30 seconds they faded back out in the same manner as they had appeared.  SSD/FI J. Alexander is assigned this case.

8 November 2009, approx. 5:00 PM, Chatsworth – While working n his yard, a resident of Chatsworth, a longtime sky watcher he says (age 55), noticed the unusual appearance of four parallel jet contrails in the sky.  Now focusing on this unusual scene, he noticed two jets in the area of the contrails; one of them lower, making the expected engine noise.  Attention now fully engaged, the witness then saw, coming out of the southwestern sky, what appeared to be a large, bright, yellow star when a “halo of sorts encircling it,” moving northeast very slowly at a very low altitude.  He compared the altitude to that typically used by small aircraft (Cessna, etc.)  With no sound whatsoever, the object proceeded in a straight line.  This course took it over the witness’ house, altitude unknown but estimated above 500 feet, and his observation period was estimated as at least 2-minutes.  The lack of sound was particularly striking to the witness.  Echoing what MUFON often hears from witnesses, he states, “I have never reported anything like this before…I hope someone can investigate this, because I do not think that this was a normal craft.”  Georgia FIs M. and L. Moore are following up this intriguing sighting.

31 October 2009, approx. 5:20 AM, Cairo – Unable to sleep due to his wife’s trouble sleeping, due in turn to her severe cold, a professional musician living in Cairo, GA (about 20 miles east of Bainbridge and 15 miles N of the Florida line) took a hot cup of coffee and headed out into his backyard to enjoy a clear but mild (71 F) early-morning sky full of stars.  After watching a unusual falling star (which broke into about 4 pieces and burned out), now watching for additional ones, he noticed a bright star-like object which seemed much larger and brighter than the surrounding stars.  Moving steadily on a southeastward straight-line path, the speed appeared to be slower than a falling star but much faster than an aircraft should be.  The object took about 10 seconds to cross the sky.  Approximately one minute or so later, a second identical object came across, moving along an apparently identical course and at what seemed to be the same speed.  ASD Ralph Howard is assigned this case.

21 October 2009, 9:40 PM, Thomas County – A woman and her grandson in Meigs, Thomas County, GA observed a red “dot-looking object” moving fast and steadily, across the sky from south towards the north.  Few details were provided in this report.  Case is assigned to SSD/FI J. Alexander.

19 October 2009, approx. 9:00 PM, Camden County – Taking out the trash at his home, a St. Mary’s resident noticed a very bright white object that was very high and moving quickly to the south.  After about 40 seconds it went straight up right, to the vicinity of the bright southern star, where there is a cluster of many stars.  This upwards movement took about two seconds.  The object appeared circular and fast-moving.  The witness, who indicates he is and has been a professional pilot for the last 25 years, noticed several commercial jets flying northwards at about the same time heading north out of Florida, and could see their flashing beacon lights.  The witness judged the unknown object to be slightly higher than the jets, but moving faster, and as bright as a star.  As a pilot, the witness stated he is “familiar with many jets and their movements…this was not like them and had no (flashing) beacon light.  It accelerated way too fast, straight up, and out of sight.  It didn't go up parallel, but straight up out of sight.  FI B. Trainor is following up on this case.

8 October 2009, approx. 9:07 PM, Loganville - A man was driving on US 78 towards Monroe (Walton GA) with and his girlfriend when he noticed a “large light” in the sky.  This was assumed at first to be a helicopter with a spotlight on it.  After a short time he asked his girlfriend what “that” was; she thought at first it was just a tower light, but then they noticed the tower light was flashing red.  The object appeared stationary and, from the size of the lights, appeared large.  The idea of a cargo plane was considered but again, it was not moving and seemed too big.  The witness noted the time as 9:15pm.  As they got closer witness could see that there were four lights, white, and very large in size.  The pulled over to the shoulder at a local church driveway and watched the lights.  At that point a small red light was observed at what seemed to abut two football fields in front of the main object, just floating there seemingly “dead in front of it,” as though “it was pulling the large object.”  The witnesses put their truck back onto the highway, made a U- turn, and put the windows down.  The primary witness states “all you could hear was a deep humming, not like a jet or a plane, but more like a electric current.”  Getting the better view from under this “massive craft,” the witness states his girlfriend described it as boomerang-shaped and that the lights were split, with two on one side and two on the other, with a gap in the middle.  The witness says he also saw and agrees with the shape described.  “There is no way a plane of that size could just sit there that heavy and without falling to the ground,” he states.  Because it seemed the object was moving more towards the west, witness got on Highway 78 headed west.  It seemed they were basically under the object but it was a little off to their right, and very low.  The girlfriend noticed it was moving slow but turning, and some trees were now in the way of seeing it.  The red dot in front of the craft was seen to split into another round dot, blue in color, both still appearing very small.  Although on the highway, witness kept his peed low so they could watch the object.  “All at once all four lights went out and the 2 small lights were gone as well.”  After resuming a faster (safer) speed, they found a safe spot and pulled over, got out of the truck, and stood around for about five minutes listening and viewing the sky, but neither saw nor heard anything further.  “When it vanished…it just went invisible,” the witness states.  “I have no idea what this was.”  The case is assigned to FI C. Schneider.

27 September 2009, approx. 10:18 PM, Fannin County – A small-business owner who lives south of McCaysville, GA, reports that he was standing at his kitchen sink preparing breakfast when he looked up and something in the sky caught his eye.  A thin, oval- or cigar-shaped, shiny silver something” was moving across the sky.  Moving to his back door and then out, he watched it and listened for any sound.  Hearing none, he went back inside and grabbed a pair of binoculars.  Outside, he got a good look at it, or as he put it “my first UFO.”  The witness states, “isn't it funny how when something like this happens your camera isn't right beside you.”  In all, the witness watched the object for an estimated 1-1/2 to 2 minutes, moving silently across the sky just below the clouds.  As the line of sight to the object approached his roof line, he repositioned himself to continue watching but eventually lost sight of it.  The 44-year-old self-described “avid sky watcher,” witness asked that MUFON “let him know if anyone else reports something near his location” (and we certainly will).  FI D. Sparry is investigating this case.

27 September 2009, evening, Kennesaw – Star-like white objects were being observed in the night sky by a Kennesaw resident, generally between 9PM and 1AM.  These have been seen looking to the south, and sometimes were in the same places as the previous night.  What grabs witness’ attention is the performance of inexplicable zigzag, circular, U-shaped and figure-8 movements, and sometimes the objects appear to “strobe-light” in blue or red color.  Mystified, the witness has called the police, but been provided no explanations.  As Lockheed-Martin’s facility is not far away, he wondered if these could be testing of experimental military craft.  SSD/FI J. Alexander is assigned to follow up on this sighting.

24 September 2009, approx. 12:00 midnight, Atlanta – Driving south on Interstate 85 just north of Atlanta, a Fayetteville resident, his brother-in-law, and his 18-year-old son spotted, at about 45 degrees above the horizon, a very bright blue-green light in the night sky.  While the light itself seemed circular, they were unable to see any kind of shape associated with the light.  To witness it was obviously not an airplane, having no lights other than a single bright illumination and moving at a very high rate of speed.  The object moved from the east to the west, in a steady speed in a straight-line trajectory.  Witness stated, “There were in fact a few airplanes in the sky at the time, and this object was going much faster and was a lot brighter than anything else around.  I have lived close to the world's busiest airport for much of my life and am familiar with most of the aircraft that populate the sky over and around Atlanta.  This was unlike anything I have ever seen.  There must be others that saw the same thing.  I would love to compare notes and hear from anyone that may have seen it.”  SD Tom Sheets is pursuing investigation on this report.

30 August 2009, 4:00 AM, Unicoi State Park – A Newnan resident and her husband were tent camping at Unicoi State Park in north GA, near Helen.  Around 4 AM the witness woke up and with lantern in hand proceeded to the restroom/shower building which was near their campsite.   As she started back to the tent she stopped because of a feeling that someone was behind her.  She turned around to see what appeared to be three gray aliens standing in the woods behind the building.  Looking more closely at them the witness decided they weren't human as they had long arms, thin bodies and large heads.  Their heads had lumps all over the top, and the eyes were huge, black and piercing.   The witness felt the beings were slightly more than 5 feet tall.  One of them inched toward her and she bolted back to the tent.  Her husband had a look around but could find nothing.  According to the witness, later that same day her husband saw a shadowy figure from inside the tent. He saw the top cover of the tent move as if someone wanted to look in from above.  There was no sighting of any aerial light or object at any time.   The witness, 26, indicated that she has had past dreams and experiences involving alien beings, but, she was wide awake during this sighting.  SSD/FI J. Alexander and ASD R. Howard are investigating this case.

15 August 2009, 10:30 PM, Stone Mountain – An adult male witness reports multiple sightings from his home, including a bright light that moved right at him and then shot upward, a star-like object moving steadily but then coming to a complete stop and going black, and another star-like object moving east that turned to the north and vanished.  FI/ASD R. Howard and FI C. Schneider are assigned.

29 August 2009, 8:30 PM, Augusta – Upon leaving a local drugstore a Martinez resident noticed several people watching something in the sky.  It was a bright white or silver light.  Around this light but a good distance out from it, a red, a blue and a green light was seen spinning rapidly around it.  Every few seconds the 3 colored lights would go back into the original white/silver light.  Then the whole process would repeat.  Each light seemed star-like in apparent size.  Witness, a 39-year-old college grad, says this is his sixth time to see this phenomenon since 2004 and that he has heard and read sighting accounts from the area of this same unusual light or group of lights.  ASD Dave Marchant was assigned this case.

4 August 2009, evening (time not specified), near Augusta – A soldier stationed at Fort Gordon reports he was taking out the trash when out of the corner of his eye he saw 3 red, circular or spherical lights forming a triangle in the sky.  At first he took this to be a C-130 (a large transport aircraft), but the lights were too far apart for that, and were stationary, hovering in the sky.  The lights remained in place for about 60 seconds after which each light, left, top and right, faded away in order one after the other.  No sound was heard.  The witness, 21, reports being shocked and went off to tell his friends.  The shape outlined by the lights was large, reported as larger than a baseball held at arms length.  ASD D. Marchant is looking into this event.

18 July 2009, 7:35 AM, Troup County – A 35-year old Alabama resident, a state-licensed water plant operator, was driving north through Troup county on Interstate 85 near mile-marker 34 or 35, a few miles north of Lagrange.  The witness, his wife and family were headed for a vacation in Atlanta on this particular Saturday.  At 7:35 AM the couple was talking when suddenly both saw a bright star-like flash in the morning blue sky in a general line with the highway but well above the tree line height.  It appeared as a super-bright star but was much brighter and larger.  The brightness was estimated as 3 times as bright as Venus in the night sky with an apparent size equal to an aspirin at arms length.  Immediately after the flash, the witness could see what appeared to be a silvery, or lead, colored bullet or tear drop shaped object.  This was visible for only a few seconds before it completely blended in with the blue sky.  No change of position was seen; the object was in exactly the same place as before.  His wife said she did not see the object, only the flash.  FI D. Sparry is assigned to look into this case.

11 July 2009, 10:30 PM, Banks County – A man and his wife were out on their back deck near Commerce, in Banks County when they noticed a strange light, referring to it as an object, which appeared to move within a small space as though vibrating, or as though a person was shaking a flashlight.  They then noticed 2 other similar objects nearby to the first.  Each had multi-colored lights including red, green and white.  An airplane was observed in the area during the sighting which was reported to have a very long duration.  At least some of the observation was through binoculars.  Gradually the objects moved across the sky in no real pattern.  The witness said a visiting friend also witnessed the first object.  After that, due to an uncomfortable feeling the wife and friend went inside the house while the husband continued to observe.  SD Tom Sheets is investigating.  Unfortunately the witness is not responding and key info such as the apparent size (at arms length), additional details through binoculars, apparent distance, and duration in minutes, has not been gathered as of this writing.

3 July 2009, 3:40 PM, Norcross – A woman was heading home from a grocery store when she noticed something floating in the air that appeared to be in (over) downtown Norcross.  The object looked like a very large medical x-ray, dark in color, but towards the bottom left side of it, it was lighter (as though transparent).  It appeared to be flat and moved in a wavy pattern.  Driving along, the witness lost sight of it due to the dip in the road, but knowing the area she anticipated having a good view of it once she reached an upcoming traffic light.  Upon reaching the light however, she was unable to see the object due to intervening trees.  Once beyond the trees and as she waited in the left turn lane into her subdivision, it appeared, very large still floating in a wavy pattern.  At this point she determined the object was south of where she previously placed it, closer to the area of Buford Hwy and Jimmy Carter Blvd, or further to the south.  Changing her mind, she drove south on Holcomb Bridge Road to try for a closer look at the object, but without luck (and this made no sense due to large apparent size).  Upon returning to her subdivision, she again found it visible in the same location as before.  In all, she made about 20 minutes of observations.  That evening she went to the Norcross fireworks display and saw nothing unusual.  Explanations such as a kite, large plastic tarp, or aerial sign were considered but didn't seem to fit.  FI/ASD R. Howard is assigned the case with Sr FI J. Clifford assisting.

2 July 2009, 12:00 AM – An adult male witness, 54, at home, went out onto his deck for some fresh air.  Looking towards the southeast, he noticed several bright lights arranged in a row, which seemed similar to a star cluster.  They appeared to be attached to one object.  The group then moved up into the sky at a high rate of speed, stopped and then hovered.  This upward movement struck witness as too fast with too much distance covered, to be an airplane.  The witness called his three teenage sons to come outside and all four then watched the UFO for over an hour as it moved up and down in the sky.  At one point it dropped down in the sky a good distance and then climbed back to its previous spot.  It also seemed to move side to side frequently.  A trail was seen behind the UFO when ever it made a fast movement.  Some dimming and brightening of the lights was seen at times.  With a flashlight the group attempted to signal the object for about 10 minutes, and it moved higher into the sky, seemingly closer to their location but still a distance off.  The witness said they were not afraid, and were quite sure it was not an airplane or helicopter.  Some sort of military test-flight seemed to offer a reasonable explanation, but the movements were remarkable and even unbelievable.  MUFONGA's investigation of this impressive case was completed by SD Tom Sheets (conclusion: Unknown).

30 June 2009, 4:30 AM – An adult witness woke up and noticed an abnormal light through his window which appeared to be stationary.  Knowing that no tower or other such lighted structure was in position to cause this, he took his camera and went outside to investigate.  By the time he got outdoors he estimated the light had moved about a mile away and appeared to be hovering.  No noise of any kind was heard.  Witness snapped three 3 photos, then the brand new batteries in camera went dead.  The witness continued watching another 10 minutes.  SD Tom Sheets investigated, assisted by SSD J. Alexander examining the photos (posted by witness in CMS).  Note that witness states the orange sphere seen in the first two pictures was not visible when they were taken.

29 June 2009, 10:30 PM, Woodstock – A truck driver, 21, was out on the front porch of his home when he saw, to the east, what he thought was a cargo plane.  It appeared to be about 1000 feet above the ground.  From the right side of the "plane" a ball of light, amber in color, shot forward to a position estimated as 70 to 100 feet above the "plane." As he watched the ball of light turned right, "on a dime," then the "plane" turned right following it.  There was no noise from the light, only from the plane.  There was a roaring sound from the plane but only after it came over some trees.  After it went over the tree line behind his house he could no longer hear it.  Going away it was moving south.  No fire or smoke was seen to suggest an engine, on the light.  The "cargo plane" also looked very strange, having one green flashing light on the nose and about 6 or 7 white lights for the right side of the wing to the left side.  The witness and his brother's wife discussed the incident with the witness's brother, all 3 discussing various explanations but finding none that fit what was seen.  It seemed as if the cargo plane was chasing the ball of light.  SSD S. Bass contacted witness repeatedly but was unable to get further information on this strange event.

20 June 2009, 11:24 PM, Cumming – A woman was walking her dog outside before retiring for the night.  Looking up at the stars as she usually does, she saw a star that appeared to be falling to earth.  She decided to call her husband but before she could, she realized that it did not seem to be a star at all.  Her impression was that it was closer than 500 feet, and at its lowest, at a height of the treetops.  The shape was hard to see but was something like a teardrop, larger on the bottom and skinnier at the top.  The bottom appeared to be spinning counter-clock wise, and had two lights on opposite sides that seemed to wink.  As she was about to go for a camera, as it hovered for another second or two, it then lifted up into the sky, flew off and was gone.  SSD/FI S. Bass is looking into this sighting.

13 June 2009, 10:58 PM, Canton - A witness reported what he took to be a star moving in a curved-shaped path at an increasing rate of speed before disappearing after it passed the Big Dipper.  In a call-back to MUFON's SIP staff, he indicated that the object looked like a half-crescent moon, was at least one mile distant, equally bright as a bright star and had no flashing lights as do commercial aircraft.  The witness said he had seen four similar objects in the sky between 8:30 PM and 1:00 AM local.  SSD/FI S. Bass will be following up and investigating.

7 June 2009, 9:45 PM, Marietta – A motorist and friend, driving in Marietta late Sunday evening, were stopped at the Windy Ridge/Powers Ferry intersection when then noticed numerous circular green lights dancing in the intersection on the pavement.  The witness's friend remarked on them and then both watched the lights.  At first, they became elongated in the direction towards the vehicle, similar to a flashlight or penlight pointing straight down and then tilted.  After becoming elongated, the lights disappeared.  Neither witness saw anything in the sky. FI/SSD J. Alexander is assigned to follow up.

12May09, 9:14PM, Vinings - An adult male resident of Vinings (greater metro Atlanta area/Cobb County line) was taking a smoke break on his back porch.  While watching the normal metro air traffic, he observed a lower flying aircraft (smaller than a commercial jet) fly silently across his area.  It appeared to have a glowing red stripe running down the fuselage from tip to tail.  As he continued to watch, the stripe seemed to take on a more intense brilliance from front to rear and as this occurred, the aircraft seemed to vanish into thin air......gone.  SSD/FI Joe A. of Marietta was assigned.

8May09, 10:00PM, Rossville - An adult male resident of Rossville (NW Georgia near Tennessee state line) stated he was in a park with his family near Ft. Oglethorpe when they observed a round bright orange object silently flying straight-line across the park grounds at about 200 feet in altitude @ about 25-35mph.  Furthermore it appeared that a disc-like object was spinning end-over-end around the orange object like a "ball of fire trapped in glass dome" according to the witness. This configuration flew on out of sight.  First reports indicate that as many a seven witnesses may have been present.  Note: Ft. Oglethorpe is more or less right out the front gate of the large Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.  FIs Mark and Leslie M. of Blairsville have a call in to the witness for further information.

1May09, 10:53PM, Dekalb County - An adult female and her boyfriend were driving west on Hwy 78 (Stone Mountain Freeway) toward I-285.  It had been raining and was overcast and they had been watching and discussing some lightning displays that had appeared in the sky.  As the vehicle approached within about ½ mile of the Brockektt Rd. exit (I-285 is the next exit immediately after Brockett Rd.), the witness observed some lights through, and then passing over, the treetops to her right side (north).  As she watched, the lights resolved into a triangular shaped object which she could determine by it's outline against the overcast sky which was illuminated by the city lights i.e. a lighter shade than the darker triangle.  This craft continued toward Hwy 78 as the vehicle drove west bound, then crossed over the roadway and vehicle in a southerly direction which by that time the craft was out of the witness view.  She stated that the craft had four lights, one on each tip, and one in the center which seemed to flash or pulsate.  Furthermore, the triangle was not flying point forward, but appeared to be flying 'sideways'.  This witness wrote a very professional and concise account as well as later providing an excellent sketch and event diagram.  A more precise size and speed of this craft is now the focus, as well as a FOIA request which has been filed with the FAA.

May, Mountain City - A local meteorologist forwarded an unusual aerial photograph to us made by an acquaintance in Mountain City in north Georgia.  SSD/FI Steve B. of Cumming attempted to contact the original photographer several times with no response.

29April09, 10:30PM, Valdosta - An adult couple reported that during one of their fair weather patio sky watches, they observed several unusual aerial displays.  Described were several "moving stars", as well as a "flasher" (like a camera flash in the sky) and other activity.  These citizens seem to be reporting well, however numerous satellite passes and one Iridium flare were predicted for Valdosta during that evening time frame on 29April.  FI Frank Lee J. of Thomasville was assigned to contact the witnesses.

23April09, 3:15AM, Gwinnett County - An adult male was driving north along Peachtree Industrial Blvd. intending to turn onto Peachtree Corners Cir.  The witness observed a brightly lit 'mass' (our term......for convenience of description) straight ahead above the trees.  Witness could only compare it to a "fire truck or rescue truck" in that it was a massive structure unseen because of the brilliant lights.  He compared it in size to a "subdivision".  Witness stopped his vehicle to see better, then it began to move SE toward Doraville.  He drove home to retrieve his camera, but the configuration had vanished by that time.  This case was initially reported to ASD Ralph H. via a special temporary 800 line which was set up for the investigation of the triangle reported on 12April09, as described in the previous 'Update'.

21April09, 10:05PM, Athens - An adult male resident of Athens was walking his dog near his apartment complex when he heard what sounded like two loud, low flying aircraft.  He then observed an aircraft, outlined by its lights, pass overhead.  He noticed at about 2-3 plane lengths ahead, a red light that was on the same course and speed as the following aircraft, as if locked in place.  The initial aircraft was described as large, not like a passenger jet, but "short and stout, but large".  This sounds suspiciously like a military night aerial refueling or simulated refueling training exercise.  FI Jason F. was assigned to contact the witness for further discussion of this matter.

18April09, 9:00PM, Atlanta - the Al Yaarab Shriner Temple on Ponce De Leon Dr; Multiple witnesses observed a glowing white oval object in the northern sky which moved erratically, rose up, changed directions and performed maneuvers seemingly impossible for a standard aircraft.  It was then lost from sight, but returned within a few minutes to repeat, departed, returned and repeated again a third time.  Two CMS reports were received on this event. SSD/FI Joe A. in Marietta was assigned.

12April09, about 9:50PM, Atlanta, Georgia - an adult female resident of the NE metro Atlanta area stated that she heard loud helicopter engines in her neighborhood (very loud).  She normally watches the local helo air traffic, thus noticed when it became even louder and taking a longer time to go over or past her home.  Witness opened her blinds and waited.  Shortly she noticed a blinking bright white light and then a red blinking light.  Within a few moments a second red light was observed and then a LARGE slow moving TRIANGULAR object came into view, passing over the witness home as she observed it's UNDERSIDE.  Witness stated it appeared to be just above tree-top level and seemed to be a light color, perhaps gray.  She could not determine it's height (thickness) but the distance between the back and corner lights indicated to her "This thing is BIG, BIG, BIG"! as she wrote.
Also observed were 3 helos, one on each flank and one trailing as if an escort.  No TV interference was noticed.  This witness summarized the unfolding of this event as "Slow, Slow, Slow"!  She submitted a well written and precise account, and from other information available to Georgia MUFON, we believe this is a credible witness.  ASD R. Howard, who lives in the vicinity of the event, is assigned.

8April09, 7 to 7:30PM, Covington, Georgia - an adult male resident of the Covington area and his brother observed a bright white aerial light at the stage of dusk when the stars are not yet readily visible.  While watching, they observed "white lines" projected out of the light/object at different angles, and then apparently retracted back inside.  This went on for appx. 20 minutes with some "lines" projecting out further than others.  Eventually an aircraft flew through the area and the light/object accelerated to an extreme speed, arching upwards until it vanished.  After the AC passed, the object returned to it's previous position and continued the same activities as before. Witnesses were able to get a phone photo and brief video shot before going inside.  About 9:00PM, upon checking the sky again, the object/light was gone. 16April09, the Primary Witness phoned this writer and stated they were both anxious to meet with our investigators. SSD/FI S. Bass and C. Schneider are assigned.  Please note....a remotely similar Georgia case was reported in 1995. A reliable witness in Chatsworth/Fort Mountain reported that a domed metallic teardrop-in-profile shaped craft appeared near his overhang patio during daylight, and this is within just a short distance of the cliff-face.  Hovering, he watched as a hole opened up in the fuselage and strip-like appendages were exuded in a semi-360 spread from the hole, as if still connected inside the hole.  Thus began an action that he compared to shiny decorative Christmas-tree icicles being blown by a powerful fan.  This action ceased and the object vanished. Some of this observation was made through binoculars even though it was close to the patio.  Members who have browsed our case sketch-notebook at meetings have seen the sketch of this's very good.

3April09, 7:38PM, Barnesville, Georgia - an adult female resident observed a shiny sun-glinting rectangular object in the sky in the Thomaston vicinity for appx. 1 minute.  Photos were made with her cell phone, but did not offer much detail.  This witness has filed two recent similar reports in which absolutely nothing could be done due to non-response to our contact efforts.  FI P. Clapp of West Point is assigned.

30Mar09, 9:47PM, Martinez, Georgia - an adult male, using a night vision monocular observed a light brighter than the stars, but star-like, traveling W to E over a tree-line at about 20°.  Additionally it covered 1/5 of the sky in about 5 seconds and at about 60° made an extraordinary 'U-Turn' in about one second.  Witness watched as it retreated back along it's approach path, duration about 15 seconds.  ASD Dave Marchant is investigating.

20Mar09, 3:05AM, Rome, Georgia - an adult resident of Rome was driving home (I-75 to Hwy. 41, then Hwy. 411).  In the vicinity of the Floyd/Bartow County line he observed a circular yellow light in the sky that accelerated to an amazing speed and vanished within 3 seconds.  The witness did not describe direction or other particulars in the initial CMS report.  SSD/FI J. Alexander is assigned.

19Mar09, 2:45AM, Fairburn, Georgia - a duo of truckers near Fairburn reported a huge, slowly descending, silent fireball with a long blue/white tail.  An obvious fireball meteor.  This is believed to be the same fireball that was heard to make a sonic boom and also observed in east Georgia during the same time frame.

19Mar09 - an adult female resident of Martinez reported a 1975 family observation of a large group of high altitude red star-like lights performing chaotic aerobatic movements over St. Simon Sound or the southern portion of St. Simon island.  This is another good example of those mysterious and oft reported 'chasing lights'.  This witness was found to be a highly credible professional that, along with ASD Dave Marchant, sent along additional info on the east Georgia fireball described above.  Thanks Dave and Ms. Witness!

17Mar09, 8:00PM, Augusta, Georgia - an Augusta area business owner and his associates reported observing 5 orange/yellow spherical lights clustered at about 40° in the western sky slowly dimming as the witnesses watched for 8-10 seconds.  These lights then seemed to be gone, but then re-appeared within a few moments further away.  One witnesses stated this appeared to be the same type of aerial display he'd observed the week before. Please note that the Coastal crew has been investigating similar east Georgia events these last few months and are looking at this one too.

16Mar09, evening, Cartersville, Georgia - an adult female resident observed a very bright light, described as both star-like and as a "fireball", descending in a generally eastern direction from about 40°. Furthermore it traveled in a slow precise way taking about 10 minutes, leaving no train, and was observed to vanish behind some trees as if making a "soft landing". FI J. Alexander was immediately working on this report.  We sent out a Georgia FI's alert in the event any local ground search was found to be necessary.  We appreciate all of the responses of 'ready to roll' if it was needed.

2Mar09, night - a couple from Ohio was en-route from Sarasota to Atlanta on an AirTran flight.  At about 30,000 feet they were looking at normal ground lights when they observed what they called a bizarre light configuration.  This ranged from a small circular light to a moving "splash" of illumination, moving and changing at random, but believed by the witnesses to be on the ground.  They also considered lights from the aircraft playing along clouds, but stated that the sky was clear, other passing aircraft and stars being visible.  FI J. Alexander is checking out this report.

2Mar09, 7:30PM, Macon, Georgia - an adult male resident of Stone Mountain was driving west toward Macon on I-16 from the coast.  His brother, a soldier stationed at Hunter AAF was also along.  In about the the Metter/Vidalia vicinity they observed a bright white light in the sky to the NW, their general front, at about 45°.  Described as larger than star-like, stationary, pulsating, observed for about one hour as they drove.  Eventually is appeared to turn red and vanish.  The 'usual celestial suspects' were generally behind them as they drove, but Venus would have been toward their front at about 20° at 7:30PM.  ASD Dave Marchant is to speak with the witnesses.

12Feb09-night, Atlanta, Georgia - an adult resident of N.E. metro Atlanta observed a bright star-like light toward the west of which she took photos.  The light moved down and went off like an electric light, then came back on.  Venus or other celestial bodies may be responsible here depending on which way the witness was really looking.  FI C. Schneider was assigned to look into this report.

12Feb09, 9:30PM, Blairsville, Georgia - an adult male resident of Blairsville was crossing Black Mountain Pass on Zell Miller Pkwy when he observed a bright, larger than star-like, light to the WSW.  Adding it was large enough to display a spherical shape as it moved slightly to the south.  A celestial body has to be considered here, but further review seems to indicate that Venus had set beyond the horizon by 9:30PM.  FI's M. and L. Moore will be contacting this witness for additional information.

11Feb09, Warner Robins, Georgia - case forwarded from Texas CMS to Georgia CMS.  An adult male resident of the Warner Robins area reported that in 2005 he was on a flight originating in Texas bound for Korea, related to his military service.  He observed an unusual cloud configuration and decided to snap a photo.  Later, a large dark blimp-like object was found on the photo, the camera used being a disposable type. Witness has forwarded the photo to this writer.  Efforts to call the witness for additional case evaluation and the normal 101 photo evidence questions have proved unsuccessful.  Investigation continues.

7Feb09, 6:00PM, Dacula, Georgia - an adult couple from Dacula was driving on Hwy 441 on the northern edge of Athens when they observed a silent massive glowing white light fly overhead from W to E at about 40°, then downward toward the ground behind a tree-line.  Further description, head like quartz-crystal with a fuzzy white rear.  A large fireball/meteor could be the culprit here.  FI Jason Fonzo was assigned.  E-mails were sent to the local media and Clarke County PD seeking additional reports from the public.

5Feb09. 9:28PM, Covington, Georgia - an adult female resident of Covington reported that she had observed and videotaped multiple colored orbs flying to and fro while changing colors.  On one occasion a "horse-shoe shaped" light was observed.  FI C. Schneider has contacted the witness and is awaiting the witness to advise on a meeting date.

23Jan09, 6:10PM, Savannah Georgia.  A U.S. Army recon specialist was driving in to Hunter Army Airfield when an unusual glowing blue/white to blue/green spherical object flew right in front of his vehicle from the NW traveling at a tremendous speed.  This object was observed to move upwards, stop, then accelerate to the SE, being lost from sight as it crossed the river.  Each acceleration was accompanied by electric-like trails.  This occurred within under one mile from the witness, his vehicle's cruise control shutting off and the engine "hiccuping", lights dimming as if the engine was shutting off.

Coastal ASD D. Marchant has met with the witness and found that his Army associates had recommended that he contact MUFON.  Note that this is the latest of several recent such events near or over a Georgia Army installation.  The others being at Fort Gordon near Augusta.  Dave and the Coastal crew have been compiling information on these events for several weeks now and as usual, Coastal is on top of things.

21Jan09, 8:00PM- McCaysville area, north of Blue Ridge in Ga/Tn state line vicinity.  An adult male college graduate, along with three other credible witnesses, one a scientist, made the following unusual night observation on 21Jan.  The Primary Witness (PW) received a phone call so moved outside for better reception.  While talking he observed an unusual light in the western sky.  He got his binoculars and continued to observe, calling his parents for their opinion.  He then quickly proceeded to a nearby church where the view was more panoramic. At that point, assisted by his uncle, a telescope was erected and observation continued.  The object/light was observed for about 2+ hours at about 26° during which it remained still, then it began to move off to the left of the PW.  Displaying a sudden burst of extraordinary speed it then reversed direction and in the manner of a meteor departed in a "split second".  This object was described as being circular with the top portion changing to a triangular shape, about quarter size (about 2½ full moons), hovering, with pulsations of the spectrum colors being exuded, especially red and green, with a yellow color flashing sequentially, while it seemed to be spinning.

This was an exceptional event due to the number of credible witnesses and the duration of the occurrence.  FIs M. and L. Moore applied their deep scientific background in the measurement process and interviewing phase, thus eliminating the mundane possibilities and classifying this as an Unknown-UAV. An outstanding investigation.

14Jan09, 9:15PM, Leesburg, Georgia - An adult female was walking her dogs when they ran out of the darkness and sat on her feet as if frightened.  She then observed a large brilliant white light with an orange halo fly from NE to SW at what she thought was a relatively low level about 300 feet away.  It vanished beyond nearby trees.  She estimated it was larger than the military helicopters she observes from the nearby Albany USMC Logistics Base. This writer contacted the witness by phone for a preliminary evaluation and to prepare for dispatching an FI later (there are no FIs in the witness immediate vicinity).  Witness was asked to also begin a sketch.  The next AM, the witness phoned back stating that she recalled something more, that the object was perhaps hovering when she looked around, and she may have walked toward it.  She was then instructed to focus on this additional memory, to document it in an e-mail and forward it to this writer for the investigation.  Later this writer did not receive the supplemental account, and phoned back to the witness leaving a message on her recorder.  She has not returned these phone messages to our 800 number.

9Jan09, 7:15PM, Ball Ground, Georgia - An adult male resident had picked up his 15YOA son and was driving home.  They observed an array of three lights, bright white, dimmer white, and red.  These were moving in single file horizontally from S to NW and were observed for about 10-15 seconds before vanishing.  Witnesses drove around the vicinity looking, but were unable to relocate them.  From their viewpoint, and from the characteristics displayed, the witnesses had the impression of a large object, like a 747, seemingly silent and within 200 yards in distance and at about 1000 feet in altitude.  Shortly after, the witnesses stopped at a local store and encountered an adult student from the local school who had just been driving on Old Canton Hwy.  This 18YOA student related that he'd also observed a similar configuration of lights at what appeared to be less than 1000 in altitude.  Even in darkness, this witness had the impression of a large object, horizontally flat and perhaps circular, stationary over the town of Ball Ground.  This observation lasted about 30 seconds as the lights then slowly moved to the west and vanished.  This was an exceptional case with three witnesses, one being separate, observing what is believed to be the same event, their accounts being vetted by SSD S. Bass' excellent field investigation.

4Jan09, NE Atlanta/Dekalb County, afternoon - A male resident reported that he and his wife had just parked in front of their office when he observed 3 grey/metallic objects in the sky against the overcast.  Size is estimated as like a grain of rice i .e. perhaps 1/8 of a full moon or smaller.  These seemed to be close to the underside of the lowest layer of clouds, floating slowly to the NE in unison, with a slight wobble.  Witness took a photo with his iPhone for CMS submission. ASD R. Howard established initial contact, but after 10Jan, the witness stopped communicating, and had earlier provided nothing but an e-mail address.  Using normal methods and under similar conditions, Ralph easily replicated a similar control photograph.  Ralph wishes to advise our FIs that such a submitted photo, unsupported by a reliable witness and the accompanying technical data, is worthless for our investigative purposes.  Ralph was prepared to meet the witness for a full field investigation.

29Dec08, 8:00PM, Statesboro, Georgia - Witness believed to be a young adult male reported that unknown objects, saucers and unusual lights more or less invaded his neighborhood at extremely low level, many types, various maneuvers, dogs barking, neighbors shooting at them most of the night with shotguns.  Note: An event of such magnitude would have drawn a major law enforcement response as well as massive media coverage.  MUFONGA has received no inquiries of such activity other than this report and a note sent to Hqs. by the witness.  SSD J. McElveen of Coastal will be looking into this matter.

29Dec08, 9:19PM, near Adairsville (northwest Georgia) An adult male resident of Calhoun and a friend were driving west along Old Dixie Hwy. near 41 Hwy.  Witness had just checked his watch at 9:18PM and within a few moments a bright, fast moving glowing sphere flew over his vehicle traveling west (duration 3 seconds).  Witness stated that it appeared to be about 50-60 feet above ground level, silent and leaving no trail or train.  Coloration was white to blue-white.  Size described as about 1/4 the mass of the full moon.  Last observed passing over an adjacent tree-line still westbound.  Witness indicated he'd never seen anything moving so fast.  Adding that he lives in the vicinity of an airport and was accustomed to seeing all manner of aircraft at various altitudes and feels certain that, even for a night observation, the altitude was low.  Witness provided a well written account and proved well-spoken and cooperative, agreeing to meet at the event site for further investigation.

The law enforcement authorities (911 Centers) in both Gordon and Bartow Counties told this writer the same night that no other reports had been received, but would notify MUFONGA if anything developed.

29Dec08, 9:10PM, a Chatsworth area (north Georgia Highlands) adult female homemaker stated that she had noticed balls of light near her home in recent years.  She had made an effort to both photograph and video these lights in the past and succeeded on this occasion (one video clip and two photographs attached to CMS).  Witness stated that she had considered Iridium flares or space debris, but the lack of movement and length of duration gave her doubts.  The video segment offered a colorful flashing orb (using zoom) to the southeast that was made at 1:46AM.  She has since provided more information in a preliminary contact and the matter is being investigated.  Please note that on the night of 29Dec08, Sirius and Rigel were in bright evidence in the SE skies.  Investigation continues.

17Dec08, Night, Hephzibah in Richmond County, Augusta vicinity.  A couple was outside using their spa when 3 unusual red star-like lights were observed in the southern sky.  Within a few minutes 3 amber lights were observed to hover and move around along with 6-7 other lights that seemed to be darting about the sky.  Thereafter the witnesses heard the sound of a large aircraft from the area of their airport and then observed something similar to a 'row' of stars flicker on and off and seemingly follow one another.  The local police department denied any knowledge, but a recent newspaper article had cited some military operations at the nearby Fort Gordon.  Additional case 17Dec08, same general vicinity at 6:41pm, Richmond County near Augusta; a motorist observed 4 star-like amber lights to appear in unison, moved apart and vanished.  Thereafter this was repeated in a different part of the sky.  Also on 17Dec08, a MUFONGA member near Augusta observed several star-like amber lights in the southern sky at appx. 30° elevation which placed them over Fort Gordon.  These lights demonstrated short range movements then faded away in 4-5 seconds.  This repeated with some variation over a period of minutes.  The witness had the impression that it may have been conventional objects.  Coastal Region ASD Dave Marchant is looking into these cases, having calls out to witnesses, the media and the U.S. Army.

12Dec08, 8:30PM, an adult male resident of the Chatsworth/Murray County vicinity took an opportunity to photograph the moon while it was about 28% brighter/closer on that unique date.  Upon examining the results, he located a small sphere-like image on the photo that was near the moon's disc. This witness then went through several steps of evaluating his photo, doing an excellent job of determining what it might or might not be. He forwarded a copy to a photographer friend for some enhancements, later attaching both the original and the enhancements to CMS.  The witness' final opinion was that it was probably a photographic anomaly.  FIs Mark and Leslie M. of Blairsville also performed some work on the photo, with Dr. Maccabee later chiming in that it was in all probability a lens flare.  This was a concise CMS report from a good witness........whom we are pleased to say is now a new member of MUFONGA!  He had this case mostly wrapped up himself, but contacted MUFON just to be sure! Good work.

3Dec08, 11:00PM, an adult resident of Augusta Georgia reported a bright, rapidly moving, red/orange teardrop shaped object to pass overhead going east.  The witness would not respond to e-mail or telephone calls, but this was most likely a large meteor, perhaps of the fireball variety.  A fireball meteor was reported by the AMS over north-central Oklahoma, heading generally eastward, during that same general time frame.  However it displayed a terminal burst.  It's possible that other large meteoric materials entered above the southeastern USA during that time.

24Nov08, 8:35PM - Kingsland, Georgia. An adult male resident of Kingsland (Georgia coast), along with a companion, observed what appeared to be a fireball-type of meteor coming down from the NE to SW.  It appeared to be breaking up and finally 'burned-out' at a nearby treeline.  Within a few minutes the witnesses observed a glowing object that seemed to be dimmer than the fireball, but of the same shape.  This second observation seemed to be leaving the ground from the same vicinity and flying UPWARD at a high rate of speed to vanish after traveling about 40 degrees.  The witness said he had identified the first object as a fireball meteor from observing them during many past star gazing ventures, but was surprised by the second event.  Note: The 'fireball' phenomenon received it's first recent focus in the late 1940's when a more-frequent-than-ordinary series of these events occurred in the SW USA.  These drew the attention of the scientific community, as well a several observations by scientists themselves. Since that time, there have been numerous reports where such large meteors do not act in a natural way i.e. ONLY burning and breaking up in descent.  Nowadays, most of us have seen many such clips of fireballs on the various Internet sources and TV news or else during our Skywatches.  What has been described herein is certainly bizarre if it is NOT some mistaken observation.  Coastal ASD Dave M. is looking into this matter.

23Nov08, 1:32AM - Leesburg (south Georgia, above Albany). An adult male resident was out looking at the sky and observed what he described as a "bar" (of light) approximately pinkie width flying between the constellations of Orion and Taurus, moving silently and quickly SW to W, duration about 5 seconds.  He indicated the apparent size as that of an aspirin, and having a misty/shrouded-like appearance.  Witness provided a very good sketch.  This writer will be working more with the witness to obtain additional details.

21Nov08, 9:00PM- Gainesville Georgia (above Atlanta). An adult male resident was outside for a smoke and through some nearby trees observed what appeared to be a silent craft of some sort with an illuminated tail, shaped like a standard aircraft, but somehow different.  Witness ran inside to get his fiance and upon returning, the craft was vanishing beyond the trees.  SSD/FI Steve B. of Cumming is to contact this witness.

20Nov08-Evening - Darien, Georgia Two adult males residents of the Brunswick area were camping on the Altamaha River (SE Georgia, flows generally SE into the Atlanta Ocean near Darien, Georgia which is above Brunswick).  In the early evening they began to observe a series of tiny star-like lights passing in different directions and then vanishing (satellites moving into the earth's shadow?). About 9:00PM, across the river, they observed a disc or cigar shaped object that was "too distant to tell for sure", but appeared to be glowing orange to red.  Stated it was traveling horizontally just above the distant trees and would dip down, then come back up, vanishing after about 6 minutes.  FI Brion T. of Brunswick was assigned by Dave M. to contact the witnesses.

5 and 16Nov08, Barnesville, Georgia. - Adult female resident reports that she observed unusual aerial activity on these two dates.  5Nov, while cleaning gutters she observed a distant pink-orange metallic object fly from horizon to horizon in less than a minute with no sound.  16Nov while driving in the Barnesville area, she observed a large white light in the sky toward the horizon.  She made photos on both occasions, but did not provide full information and has not returned our phone calls.

31Oct08, 8:30PM - Cataula (north of Columbus, west central Georgia) An adult male resident of Cataula stated that he was on an errand to a nearby store.  From the lot, he observed what he first thought might have been an aerial flare in the SW sky, perhaps from nearby Fort Benning.  Upon looking more closely, he found that it was in the completely wrong direction to be connected to the base. He continued to watch as he drove home, and said it was up about 45 degrees off of the horizon just stationary.  Upon getting closer to home, it dropped down in altitude and began moving among the distant trees, until it vanished.  At home, he continued to watch the area and there was no reappearance.  Witness provided a sketch and area diagram.  This writer spoke with him by phone in a long, extensive conversation and the witness seemed to be well spoken, and firmly established in his community.  Investigation continues.

31Oct08, 9:00PM - Roswell, Georgia. A juvenile male resident of the Roswell area (just north of Atlanta) reported that he observed an orange pulsating sphere while out for a walk.  SSD/FI Joe A. of Marietta attempted to contact the witness' parents, but they would not respond.  Classified as 'Insufficient Data'.  This same minor witness reported an event in 2007 without revealing his age and when contacted, stated he was mistaken, he mistook an aircraft observation.

Cataula (Harris County), a few miles north of Columbus/Fort Benning.  An adult male Cataula resident stated that on 31Oct08 at about 8:30PM he was on an errand to a nearby store.  Noticed from the parking lot was what appeared to be a flare in the distance.  As he drove home, he continued to watch it, saying it was just sitting in the sky about 300-400 feet up, but this was really hard to estimate.  The light suddenly went down in altitude and proceeded to move through the trees and disappeared from sight.  This witness provided no other info but said it appeared "Saturn-like".  There are no investigators in this event area, thus witness will be contacted and a mail-out kit sent to him until further arrangements can be made.

30Oct08, 8:20PM - Swainsboro (east central Georgia) An adult female resident of Swainsboro was taking her children out on All Hallows Eve using their golf cart.  Mother and niece were also along.  While on a residential street adjacent the golf course, witness observed a silent object just as it flew eastward and high over nearby treetops and quickly vanished.  Witness struggled to describe the event due to the objects strange shape, but stated it was shaped like a 'Pringle Potato Chip' edge-on, or the brim of a cowboy hat.  White lights were observed that seemed to "trickle like water" (flash sequentially).  SSD/FI Joe M. of the Coastal Region was assigned.

Vicinity of Blue Ridge (north Georgia highlands), 30Oct08, 8:15PM.  An adult male resident of Hayesville N.C. (just above the Georgia state-line in N.C.) was driving along Hwy 515 about 5 miles beyond Blue Ridge.  He pulled off to check the load on his truck, and upon getting back in noticed a low oscillating sound he felt might be from the truck, but was apparently not.  Looking out through the windshield, the witness observed a triangular object moving to the south perpendicular to Hwy 515 at about 300-400 feet in altitude and moving 40-50mph.  The object seemed to be moving with 2 points forward, a dim white light on each forward point, with a white and a red light on the rear point.  Witness considered the lights connected (by fuselage) as the background sky was lighter than the craft.  The witness did not give an estimate as to distance, but it was close enough to offer the oscillating sound and for him to estimate the lights were about 200-300 feet apart.  This witness has agreed to meet with FIs Mark and Leslie M. of Blairsville.  He is currently working on a sketch and diagram.

24Oct08, 4:30PM Lawrenceville but reported 15Nov08- An adult male resident of Lawrenceville (few miles NE of Atlanta) alleged that he and his neighbor observed a cloud-like object (formation?) move from behind the house in a S to N direction at 15 feet in altitude, speed about 15mph, sized 25'X12'X10', teardrop or conical shape, displaying pale pinkish and blue opalescent shading.  'Cloud' moved about 60 yards to the cul-de-sac and vanished, duration about 4 seconds.  This writer spoke with the witness a few minutes after this report was received.  Please note that some 'special circumstances' were noticed during the conversation about this alleged event and this writer also asked Steve B. in Cumming to call this witness.

Late Report, 13Oct08, 9:15PM, Jonesboro.  A male delivery driver was proceeding down Jonesboro Rd. (few miles south of Atlanta) when he observed a very distant blue star-like light that showed some spherical shape.  The light flew downwards rapidly, then reversed direction and flew back upwards to vanish into a cloud.  The witness has since provided some more preliminary information, stating that the pattern observed was similar to a 'blip' on a heart monitor found in hospitals.  This event may have been as far away as 10-15 miles.

Rockledge, 3Oct08 about 10:15PM. An adult female resident was returning from Athens and just entering Dublin (east central Georgia).  It had been raining a bit, and when looking to the right, she observed something moving through the air very fast and low, thinking it was an aircraft coming down.  She lowered her window to see more clearly as it crossed to the left, and noticed no apparent noise.  She saw a row of 6-8 green lights that appeared to be about the size of mayo jar lids, and they were flashing rapidly.  Witness came almost to a stop as these lights just vanished.  This event took about 6-8 seconds.  Later, her husband got information that an unknown resident in the vicinity of Hwy 199 had also observed a similar event.  ASD Dave M. of our Coastal Region investigated this matter and classified it as an Unknown

30Sept08, at about 8:05PM, an adult female resident of Norcross was taking her morning walk. She was in the vicinity of Holcomb Bridge Rd. toward Jimmy Carter Blvd. (NE greater metro Atlanta quadrant) when she observed a dull gray massive blimp-like object slowly moving generally NE over Peachtree Industrial Blvd. @ the Jimmy Carter Blvd. overpass toward Duluth.  Object was at low level, described as over the treetops.  An aircraft flew over the object giving a contrast to it's large size (300 ft. on CMS).  Witness pointed it out to another passing pedestrian who was also surprised.  As she reached the Peachtree IHOP/Chic-Filet, it was moving closer toward Duluth and seemed to be to the lower right of the sun's disc.  She lost sight of it behind the area trees.  Witness was contacted and asked to begin a sketch with the small aircraft included to show contrast in size.  FI Betsy Buettner of Lawrenceville has been assigned for further investigation and will check possible blimp flights and so forth via PDK Airport.

17Sept08, at about 8:43PM, a male resident of Leesburg (SW Georgia just north of Albany) stated that he and his family were outside when his wife noticed an unusual steady star-like light moving in the sky.  The light quickly moved toward an evening planet, then performed a U-turn and flew back toward the original direction.  He got his binoculars trained on it which revealed a cigar-like object with lighting that illuminated enough for him to tell there was some substantial mass i.e. solidity, actual size unknown.  As this object flew back toward it's original path, it seemed to go upward, giving an ember-like reddish tint, getting smaller and smaller.  During this process, the witness also tried to get his camera on a tripod, but realized there would probably not be enough time, so took a snapshot as steady as possible.  The family dog reacted by getting in front of the family and growled as if protecting.  Later indoors, their cat seemed agitated, running around the home.  Being nighttime, size and distance was hard to judge.  The witness forwarded two actual photos to CMS, only one of which came up..........a dark sky-scape with a slim, tiny, elongated glow.  Impossible to determine anything by cursory viewing.  SSD/FI Jay Jordan of Tifton was assigned to contact this witness.

14Sept08, 3:00AM, an adult male resident of Tucker, Georgia reported that he'd awakened with a full bladder, got up and then returned to bed.  Then began a dream as if he was in a 'waiting room'.  Later, an 'alien' inserted a probe into his mouth which acted like an X-ray device, illuminating his innards as if they were transparent.  Later another procedure was performed which allowed him to see his diseased lungs on a display screen.  At that time one of the entities told him via telepathy that if he would stop smoking, he would be OK. (Witness confirmed he was in fact a smoker).  He awakened alert at about 6:00AM.  Witness went on to describe living in Dahlonega (Georgia highlands) in 2001 when one night a UFO appeared over the property.  It began shooting 'laser beams' indiscriminately around the forest, eventually setting a tree ablaze.  FI Betsy B. of Lawrenceville was assigned to contact this witness and evaluate his case.

5Sept08 at about 9:45PM   An alleged 'UFO event' was recently posted to You Tube and a CMS report was also filed.  The witness is believed to be an adult Atlanta area resident who refused to reveal his identity, saying only that he works in the media.  He alleged that on 5Sept08 at about 9:45PM he and his son were at the Six Flags Park (off I-20 a few miles west of Atlanta) and noticed 3 to 5 pulsating lights in the western sky making unusual and violent maneuvers beyond that of a normal aircraft.  He began taking video of these lights which he estimated were one or more miles away.  The video was then posted to You Tube. FI Joe A. of Marietta determined the park was closed on 5 September, but that a concert was held on that date.  Initially, the video did not look very impressive to some of us, but does need closer scrutiny in the original if the witness will cooperate.  Joe has been trying to get the photographer to come forward and provide us with the original. Initial contact was made, but the results of that is unknown at this time.

12Aug08, about 10:30PM, a young adult witness in Adel was leaving home on an errand with friends, including mom. Noticed en-route was what appeared to be an aerial object of exact unknown shape, but displaying a circular configuration of 6-10 yellow-orange lights flashing sequentially.  Object appeared to be under the cloud cover, hovered, then took a straight line path and at one point moved so swiftly, the lights left a streaking blur.  Aircraft were observed in the area, as well as some other witnesses hearing jet aircraft, suspected to be from the AFB a few miles south near Valdosta. SSD Jay Jordan of Tifton is conducting an investigation into this matter.

9Aug08, about 3:00PM, an adult resident of Dunwoody was in Norcross and from the vicinity of City Hall observed a black sphere floating slowly under the clouds.  Noticed was that the sphere was moving generally west, and the clouds were moving east.   When the sun hit the sphere at the proper angle, there was a gleam as if of a metallic nature.  The object then hovered, reversed direction and then moved along with the clouds, stopped again and moved back and forth, then seemed to go higher in altitude, getting smaller until vanishing.  ASD Ralph H. has been in contact with the witness and is conducting an inquiry.

On or about 1Aug08, an adult male witness living in Marietta reported that about 7:00PM there was a severe storm brewing up and that he felt compelled to go out and snap some photographs.  This struck him as unusual, as he was normally afraid of violent weather.   Witness snapped several exposures using an older Kodak camera.  Later, upon examining the shots, he noticed several smaller objects in the sky that, to him, did not appear to be storm debris carried on the wind.  Marietta FI Joe A. and Coastal FI Joe McE., a photo specialist, conducted a joint investigation into this matter.  Joe A. met with the witness and conducted an on-site investigation, while Joe McE. analyzed the photos.  The resolution of the exposures from the camera could not be brought to fine detail due to the age of the camera and small size of the capture, thus Joe A. stated the findings were inconclusive, further stating that only small elongated objects could be seen, perhaps suspended by the strong wind (gusts of about 70 mph with possible tornado formation).  Probable storm debris.

1Aug08, former ASD John B. of Wray was contacted by a law enforcement officer working in the general vicinity of Albany Georgia.   This officer indicated that a few months earlier on night patrol he had encountered, on more than one occasion, a low and slow unknown object, to wit; The first night he'd observed a light over a treeline adjacent the roadway.  Closer scrutiny revealed an oblong dark mass that 'curved' down at the rear end.  A light appeared to be on the bottom shining downward as the object moved along about 45mph.  The officer followed it until it stopped to hover nearby.  He put his patrol unit's spotlight on it for a better look and was further convinced there was absolutely no noise that he could hear.  After about 10 seconds, the object turned and flew away very quickly.  The next night one of his associate officers that lived in the area called him and stated he had followed what was apparently the same object described earlier by the primary witness.  He had followed it several miles into the adjacent county until he lost sight of it.  The primary witness then described his second encounter with the object when it was observed to fly over a state highway and adjacent field.  His view was better on that occasion and he observed a 'cylinder-type' of ring on the bottom, and noticed the back end seemed to consist of two sections.  SSD Jay Jordan was assigned to investigate this matter and has since interviewed the witness and taken a more detailed statement, obtained an object sketch and diagrams of the flight path.  This investigation continues.

15July08, 1:15PM, Macon, Georgia - an adult male resident of Macon reported that while westbound on I-16 adjacent the downtown area, he observed a metal-like egg/crab shaped craft floating over a building.  Further that it had no wings or obvious propulsion unit, but leg-like structures extending around it's body.  Duration was about 15 seconds, then he had to negotiate traffic and when looking again it was gone.  Few other details were given.  FI J. Fonzo was assigned to contact the witness for further scrutiny. Advertising balloons will also be considered in this case.  Please note that about a decade ago, a similar report was received from the north metro Atlanta area near I-285 when a citizen was in an attorney's office giving a deposition and a small aerial craft was observed by the witness, the attorney and the court stenographer, moving around a nearby office building.

18May08, 11:20PM, an adult witness in Lawrenceville Georgia (few miles NE of Atlanta) reported to NUFORC that he was trying to take some moon photos and upon later examining the results, found a saucer shaped object with a dome in one of his shots.  Peter Davenport provided us with the witness contact information, thus FI Betsy B. of Lawrenceville will handle any local chores with the witness, and FI J. McElveen of the Coastal Region will scrutinize the photo.   If this case develops, it will also be added to CMS as well as a supplemental report to the NUFORC data base.  There is no update from FI Buettner or FI McElveen at this time.

8Jan08, night, an adult resident of Fort Valley (central Georgia) described seeing a large glowing, light pulsating, cloud-like formation that he considered to be in outer space.  He contacted the newsroom at WMAZ TV-13 and found that the staff was also outside watching this same occurrence.  The next night, Ben Jones, the station meteorologist, announced that it was a "rocket dumping fuel" according the the witness.  FI Jay Jordan of Tifton has been assigned to double check the meteorologist's pronouncement.

Cartersville, 17May05, night, an adult male resident was sitting on his back porch talking on his phone and generally looking out onto another subdivision.  About 80 feet away over the roof of a house, 20 feet above, was a bright light first considered to be a distant aircraft.  Witness becomes rather unclear in his account at this point, stating something like it "zoomed by" and "ball of white flame".  SSD/FI Joe A. of Marietta will be looking into this a bit more closely.

15Sept04, 7:30PM, an adult Canton resident was visiting the Woodstock IHOP with his now ex-wife and stepson.  Upon exiting, his stepson pointed out an object in the sky.  Observed was a low and slow moving black triangle with a light in each corner. The object was moving silently through the clouds.  FI Joe A. conducted an investigation, meeting on-site with the witness.  This case was classified as an 'Unknown-UAV'.

15Jan04, about 1:00AM, an adult resident of Snellville Georgia (appx. 20 miles east of Atlanta) stated he was outside his home taking a break from his late night graphic artist work.  He observed a bright yellow-white glowing, clean edged, silent sphere overfly his home on a straight-line path, W to E.  It was at 90 degrees overhead when first noticed due to the house partially blocking his view in one direction.  It was observed to continue on toward the eastern horizon in just a few seconds.  He described it as appearing to be about the size of 1/2 a penny.  The witness is an artist and illustrator by profession and stated he would provide us with a professional rendering of what he observed.  Sketch HAS NOT been forwarded as of 31July08.  FI J. Clifford of Lawrenceville will visit this witness in the near future.

Senoia (Coweta County), 17Nov93, night.  An adult female resident of Villa Rica was visiting someone on Hwy 16 just outside of town.  While standing outside talking, she and her friend noticed a large silent craft just above some treetops about 100 feet to the north.  She stated it was horse-shoe shaped and glowing with such intensity that it appeared as if "white-hot".  The craft was passing over the treetops S to SE and illuminated the branches which seemed to be moving with the passage.  The craft size was substantial, and from the description, perhaps as large as a medium sized jet aircraft.  The object passed on to the SE in the direction of Griffin.  SSD/FI Joe A. will be contacting this witness.

Lawrenceville, 25July78, daytime.  An adult male resident of Winder stated that he was at his grandmother's Lawrenceville rental house on business in 1978.  He walked around back and had an urge to look up.  In the clear sky he observed 2 oval-like discs appearing as shiny aluminum, very high up, perhaps at 20,000 feet, hovering side by side.  These objects had an apparent size of a golf ball. As he watched, one object turned on it's axis and seemed to disappear "at the speed of light".  The other continued to hover, then turned several different colors and vanished.  Witness described blue-green, and red-orange, adding that he had an unusual feeling during the event he cannot properly describe.  SSD/FI Steve B. will be giving this one further scrutiny.